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Sad news

Ty Dudley long time Armellini mid America sales rep has suddenly passed away. 

Ty was a really wonderful character and ever the professional, we had fun whenever we were together at conventions. Very sorry to hear this news.

Williee Armellini


Here is the official Armellini press release:

“It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of Tyrell Dudley, Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

Ty will be remembered by his family here at Armellini, numerous friends up north, 3 children and 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 7 to 15 that he was fortunate to spend the summer with, making memories to last a lifetime for sure!

We will all agree, he loved all, helped all, and made everyone smile when he entered the room. He had a significant impact within the Flower Industry and on everyone he met. He will be missed dearly. Cheers to you “Armellini Ty”.

Ty Dudley’s career path began in the Floral Industry in 1974. He managed A. Rasmussen & Son Wholesale Florist from 1974-1988. From there, 1988-1998 he spent 3 years in Louisville, KY and 8 years in Indianapolis, IN managing Hill Floral Products. Ty took his love and appreciation of flowers from the Wholesale side to the Transportation side, bringing a fresh view and attitude to Armellini Express Lines.

After 17 years of working from home and the road, visiting customers, Ty moved to Florida November 2015 and worked from the Corporate Office. Ty managed his wholesale accounts and shared the Wholesaler prospective with newcomers to Armellini and the Floral Industry. Other key organizational roles Ty held in the industry were “President of Allied Florist” and “President of Kentucky State Florist Association”, recognized by the Michigan Floral Association early 2017 with a National Service Award.”

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