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Shaping the Future of Floriculture

Press release

Westland, 29 September 2015

International seminar for the flower sector devoted to sustainability and ‘disruptive’ innovations

On 9 November this year, representatives of the international flower- and plant industry will get
together in Rotterdam to discuss the sector’s future. On this day, answers will be sought to two
pending questions: what if a sudden innovation turns the entire sector on its head? Also, what will
the consequences thereof be for sustainability? The seminar is an initiative of Union Fleurs, VGB
and MPS.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Well-known businessman Dutch Ruud Koornstra will head the discussions that afternoon. He will share
his vision of corporate social responsibility and will convey it to the visitors in his usual way.
He will certainly also discuss whether ‘disruptive’ innovations are a threat, or should rather be
viewed as an opportunity.

The pitchers will be from FloraHolland, Asocolflores (Colombia), Dutch Flower Group, and Blume2000
Input will also be gained from other segments of the floriculture chain, like the retail segment.
Leon Mol, Manager of Product Integrity at AHOLD, will give a presentation. There will also be time
for talks from FSI (Floriculture Sustainable Initiative) and MPS, which will explain their plans.
The last part of the seminar will be a forum discussion headed by Ruud Koornstra, with
participation from the speakers who contributed with a pitch.

‘Disruptive’ innovations
These innovations often come from start-up companies that break into the branch of industry in one
fell swoop. Examples include the arrival of WhatsApp, which placed significant pressure on the
telecommunications sector, and made it necessary to establish other earning models for mobile
Also think of the taxi-app Uber, which arranges taxi rides that are provided by private
individuals. Why do ‘disruptive’ innovations have such an impact on a sector?
One of the main reasons is because many companies have insufficient strategic flexibility and
change capacity, certainly in view of the circumstances (globalisation / crises) which
1 change faster and faster all the time. Companies must respond faster to altered circumstances and
are often unable to, due to many reasons. Whether this also applies for the international floristic
sector will be dealt with at the seminar.

Access to the seminar is free, but pre-registration is mandatory. The seminar will be in English.


More information
MPS – Arjan van der Meer, press spokesman & communication Tel : 00 31 174-615 724

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