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Small plus for FloraHolland after a difficult year

08 January 2014

The FloraHolland flower auction cooperative which runs the main flower auctions in The Netherlands is reporting 1.6% growth after what was a challenging year. Turnover for the whole of 2013 has ended up at 4.35 billion euros. The centrality of the auction clock is clearly declining meanwhile.

 A substantial number of companies in the Dutch floriculture sector are under pressure and export figures showed a decline of several percent for the first time in years. That FloraHolland nonetheless managed to increase its turnover “testifies to the strength of the cooperation”, the auction states. Improving trade in the last few months of the year also helped keep 2013 from being a complete drama.

 Better Prices

A total of 12.4 billion products were traded through the world’s largest international flowers and plants trade platform over the course of 2013. Average prices improved when compared to 2012 (about 2% across all product groups), which played a big role in keeping FloraHolland’s end-of-year figures positive.

Product Categories

Both the cut flowers and house plants categories evidenced growth in 2013. Garden plants not so; the long period of wintery weather during the spring dampened demand (-2.2%). Cut flowers remain the largest product group, which grew by 2% to a total of 2.5 billion euros. Indoor plants noted a plus of 1.9%, for a sales total of 1.5 billion euros.

A Changing Market

Auction clock sales are exceedingly giving way to direct sales through FloraHolland Connect – the flower auction’s intermediary services. Clock turnover fell by 4.7%, ending up at 2.2 billion euros, while the turnover through Connect increased by no less than 9.3%, to 2.1 billion euros. Of all the auction’s sales 51.5% went via the clock – that was still 55% in 2012.

Source: FloraHolland/ Florint / Translated to English by: Jonas Zwitserlood

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    I need to give proper credit to the source of this article.
    Source: FloraHolland/ Florint / Translated to English by: Jonas Zwitserlood

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