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Sun Valley Helps Put ‘Lonely Bouquet’ 2014 On The Map

Last Sunday was “Lonely Bouquet Day.” This is a fun, grassroots movement to spread joy literally one bouquet at a time. The basic idea is that you leave a bouquet in a public space with a little tag on the bouquet saying “Adopt Me!” From here, people will take the bouquet home and often take a “selfie” with the bouquet and upload it to the Lonely Bouquet Facebook page, or website.

Lonely Bouquet is the brain child of Fleuropean, which is a small organic flower farm and design studio located on the Belgian countryside. What better place to start an international movement to give flowers away to strangers?

On Sunday some Sun Valley team members jumped in the action, at both ends of the state. From our Oxnard farm, Melina, Marisol, Lourdes and Cynthia hit the streets and beaches to leave some of our Sun Pacific bouquets in some gorgeous locations.

To read the rest of the story, please go to: Sun Valley Group’s Flower Talk

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