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Theo Boerma Cup 2013 at I.F.T.F.

Fabio Pedone, was announced winner of the Theo Boerma Cup 2013. He speaks of the competition that took place during the International Flower Trade Fair IFTF in the Netherlands on The Competition was organized by the Institut Boerma, one of the best art schools not only in the Netherlands but in the floral world.Fabio, tell us about the competition

I am always excited by the idea about joining in such important events in the flowers field because any challenge encourages and feeds my talent. The choice of the theme to make and represent has been relevant: the Theater . It has allowed us to materialize the emotions and feelings that everybody feels in every theatre show. Only few rules had to be followed in the design of the theme like our disposal time and using of a particular foam, offered by OASIS , the designer Sheets; they have been essential to allow about twenty florists come from all over the world to express in their best way what they wanted to create.

What was your concept ?

Thinking about the theater, many images came to mind. Some obvious but taken for granted. But one in particular got me thinking …

As I said, at the theater I associate different emotions that the actor is able to convey. The theater has the unique ability to control and guide others fantasy. As if a magic mirror would allow to the spectators entering in a universe where the imagination hasn’t any bounds.

Describe the stages of your creation!

With the flowers chosen, creating a structure who could express the concept of the theatre from the architectural point of view was my goal . In fact, after a series of cuts and assembling the Oasis support was perfect to realize a three-dimensional amphitheater, and then I molded it by hand with stucco. With appropriate precautions I have avoided the loss of water from the sponge and I have inserted the flowers in vertical way, respecting their natural upward thrust and not the plane of the support . The choice of Flowers has been aiming to represent the various types of the spectators and for this reason I have chosen Red roses ( Red Naomi Portanova ) Vanda orchids , Cymbidium , Calla, Celosia , Hydrangea . Some flowers have a certain personality and the different color, from red to purple through the various shades of golden brown to purple, showes and describe many spectators’ subconscious spheres, with their past, with their own imagination , with their reflection of the theatre show.

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