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TPIE 2014 review

TPIE 2014 review

This show continues to be one of the most consistent that I have ever attended.  There were no official numbers ready as of this writing but there was not much room on the show floor for more booths. The early report was that attendance was up over last year. With the freezing weather in most of the US this is not a big surprise even if Miami was in the 50’s.

I believe that having this show at the same time and place every year has been good for the industry. Buyers and vendors both can plan their trips to attend with certainty knowing the other will be there.

This show is not quite as hectic as a floral show perhaps because plants grow slower than flowers or maybe it is just the nature of the show and those that attend.

As I traveled up and down the aisles I ran into old friends and many of them asked what I saw around the show.  The answer was simply one word “Orchids” Each year we have seen more and more vendors showing orchids and this year was no exception.  There were at least 25 booths containing or totally showing orchids. There were only a few other categories with as much concentration of one product.

Air plants and succulents make for very attractive displays and as expected at a plant show there were big trees and trucks to help keep things in perspective.

The mood in the room was positive and good to see after a few years of uncertainty. The plant industry appears to be in good condition and that is good bell weather for the economy in general.

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