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UPS Americas aims to tap new growth potential in Latin America

“Each year, it imports about 40,000 tons of cut flowers from South American growers. In fact, moving cut flowers to its Miami airport hub long has been an important part of the company’s regional business. Miami International Airport receives about two-thirds of all cut flowers imported by the United States. Cut flowers, chilled at their point of origin, must be carried on temperature-controlled flights.

Bill Fernandez, founder and CEO of Miami-based Continental Flowers, has worked with UPS Americas for more than four years. His company imports cut flowers from Colombia and other parts of Latin America for distribution throughout the United States. “I use UPS because they offer better on-time service than some of the other cargo airlines based in Colombia,” he said.”


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    Long and hard work pays off : Seguin, a St. Louis native, began her career at the company in 1983, a year after she obtained her bachelor’s degree in marketing management from William Woods College in Fulton, Mo. Her first jobs at UPS included working in Earth City, Mo., (part of St. Louis County) unloading packages from trailers at 3:30 a.m., driving a delivery van and later moving up to be a part-time hub supervisor.

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