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Valentines 2017 update #2

Valentines 2017 update #2


The weather made the Latin America crop late and that made the early days of pre-booking challenging. As the day approaches, we hear that wholesalers are waiting to move pre-books before buying any open market flowers.  This leaves importers and growers in a, “wait and see” holding pattern with the clock ticking.

Due to the way the crop has come in, or is yet to come in, the market prices have remained strong on many items. Hopefully the prices will hold and no one company will decide to flood the market and break price.

Product is as fresh as ever at this time in the holiday and as always it comes down to getting product into your shop in time.  That leads us to the logistics of the holiday and there are some bad reports out there regarding trucking companies.

Without naming any specific company let’s just say that some of the carriers had big problems receiving and shipping boxes. Importers and logistics companies lost their trucks and drivers for over 14 hours waiting in line at some carriers. The huge volume of boxes handled in such a short amount of time is challenging to all.

Prices on the auctions in Europe are high as product is being divided up among the world markets.

The Mass market appears to be in full swing and planning for a big holiday on Tuesday.  

Online sales should be over the top as you cannot browse the internet without seeing the ads for Proflower,  The Bouqs,  1-800 flowers and many others.

The weather around the country looks ok from here but that could change anytime so good luck to all and let’s make a lot of people smile with beautiful long lasting flowers.

Williee Armellini


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