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Valentines Day 2014 forecast

As the clock ticks closer and closer to Valentine’s Day 2014 you can almost feel the anxiety in the air. Living in Miami makes it easier to feel it since this place is a buzz with floral activity. As always depending on who you speak with the mood is either way up or way down.

Starting off with a Friday holiday many are worried that the florist will not see the numbers that they expect. Any hesitation from florist ripples all the way back down to the growers who, for the most part, can no longer can do anything but hope for the best.

The real worry at this point it the weather in the US. The insane cold weather that has gripped most of the US over the last few weeks have slowed down the normal flow of flowers and that has created a bit of a backlog here. Coolers are filled with orders just waiting for the right truck day to move.

However, many wholesalers are still flush with flowers and will want to push the delivery dates forward. This can have a negative effect on the whole logistics system potentially creating a bottleneck.

Normally at this time of year we are talking about freezes in Colombia and Ecuador that would affect production but this year there has been no mention of those. It does appear that Ecuadorean growers peeked a bit early and Colombia is on time or even a bit late. California growers from what I hear are on time and ready for the big weekend.

I predict that the open market pricing will be wild this holiday. With so many players in the system it only takes a few to panic and then logic goes out of the window. There should be no lack of available product for open market sales the question will be at what price and of what quality?

This is when you need to be working with best companies that are fanatical about rotation and quality control. There will be lots of stressed products around and like a hot potato some companies are going to want to toss you that hot spud and hope for the best.

My best recommendation to wholesaler and direct buyers is to pop the lids on the arriving product and have a good look.

On a more positive note, currently the open market is strong for Red Roses, alstro, carns and Poms. Prebooks are moving out over the last few day and trucks are getting through the logjam in Georgia. Finally there will be lots and lots of high quality flowers being bought, sold, shipped, arranged and delivered to the flower loving public. Good luck to all.

Williee Armellini

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    Maybe I shot too fast as I just saw a post from Greenleaf in Tupelo who is out of flowers til the next delivery due to funeral work. Good for them.

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