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Valentine’s Day hangover

Valentine’s 2015 looking back

Now that the only remnants of Valentines 2015 are hopefully some hardy flowers still standing in consumer’s homes and money to filter down to the growers, we can look back with better vision.

Where did all the anticipated red roses go? After talking to many in the business the idea emerged that there was no heavy pinch for Valentines by the growers due to the Saturday holiday. All flower growers and suppliers review their records to see how the actual day of the holiday affects the market.

Saturdays are generally not a very strong Valentine’s Day, when compared to a Thursday or Friday, so many growers chose not to pinch the red rose plants heavily and as a result there were lots of red roses on the market during Christmas 2014. Christmas is normally a time when there would normally be limited availability of reds since the growers historically pinch the plants, resetting the timing for a Valentines harvest.

So right from¬† the start there were less reds roses programmed to be harvested and then add in Mother Nature’s combination of too hot, too cold and too wet and we have a Valentines 2015 with strong demand, time limited supply and overall strong pricing across many products.

When production is spread out over more days the positive effects are that planes, trucks and people work more efficiently and the floral wheels keep turning. Reading the Facebook post of florist leads me to believe despite the terrible weather in many parts of the US that most did ok.

I took an informal survey on and with 100 votes in as of this writing and we can see that most did good or better.

  • Outstanding14.14% – ( 14 votes )
  • Good38.38% – ( 38 votes )
  • Average33.33% – ( 33 votes )
  • Poor9.09% – ( 9 votes )
  • Terrible5.05% – ( 5 votes )

There a few other factors that cannot be counted out when we are counting the possible causes of the limited supply of red roses.

Did the bouquet makers order more than normal?

Were Online sales greater?

We will have to wait for the import and sales numbers to be published to validate some of my findings.

With that said as I write this article, the ongoing bad news of the snow and extreme cold are putting a very frigid ending on an otherwise great holiday.

So it is not always perfect to rely on the past as there are always circumstances that can mess up the best laid plans. But even if imperfect it is still a good plan to plan.

Remember to wear your sunscreen Miami is still hot (ok not today)

Williee Armellini

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