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Valentines Day market update Part 3

The current market is sloppy with oversupply and not enough demand to correct it. Importers and growers and filling standing orders and pre-booked products but the phones are not ringing. With No freezes in Colombia and some El Nino effects making the weather a bit warmer than previous years, the crops in general are early, to on time.

Ecuador, peaked early and as the days go by growers transition from managing greenhouse inventory to managing cooler inventories.

I can say that coolers everywhere are filling up and everyone is waiting for the phones to start ringing for open market sales. But this appear to one of those times when you have to watch out for deals that are too good!

There are a lot of aged flowers in the pipeline and vendors will be desperate to move them as fresh products continues to arrive. This is a great time to deal with very reputable companies that refuse to sell product, past its time, into their prime markets.

The weather around the US is for the most part mild and that will, at least, keep weather out of the equation.

I can imagine that the bouquet makers are pleased since they are able to source products at very aggressive prices. However, for the most part they have made long term commitments with their suppliers at year round prices.

The consumers are driving the bus right now and if they show up and start buying everyone will breath easier.

In my opinion!

Williee Armellini

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