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Valentine’s Day Predication 2023

Valentine’s Day Predication 2023

If you hold your ear to the ground you can hear the flower business in full swing. It has be hard to read the lea leaves this year as the market has tighten up in the last few days.

Growers are tending their crops, importers are lining up to receive product, wholesalers are deciding what and how much to order and retailers are hoping for good orders. Airlines and truck lines are positioning equipment to accommodate the anticipated volumes.

With my ear to the ground I hear that there is ample production to meet the needs of the consumers.

While freight rates have stabilized over the last months most in the industry are not going to speculate and hope for good sales.

The most popular items for this holiday are 40-50 cm roses and those are also the featured item for many bouquet makers. This should keep prices high on those as the demand increases.

Growers all over the world want to benefit from this holiday and that means that most will have groomed their plants to peak in the next few weeks.

If the weather in the growing area is too cold or too sunny this could throw off their harvest timing. Production peaking a few days early or late is normal and not a problem. Peeking a few weeks early or late is a big problem.

It is still too early to predict the weather but there will be a valentine’s.

Here are what some importers had to say:

“Initial customer pre- bookings good compared to 2022, however we will see a slow down over the next week or so.

Expectations are for a flat holiday to 2022

There is no reason why florists shouldn’t have a strong holiday with a pro-active approach to marketing their holiday within the delivery area communities ”


“Well, the Pandemic high has definitely been worn out. Prebook numbers are below 2022, 2021, maybe even with 2019 numbers.

Customers are playing safe, expecting glut of open market products, But, no one knows if that will be the case.    In some products, production has increased last 18 months, so they might be plentiful, but on Roses, especially short Red roses (40cm and 50cm) we expect solid market conditions.

Freight costs, both inbound air cargo and outbound truck fees will stay high as last year. They went up, and will not come down.

Once again, if you have strong relationships with your vendors, and deliver quality and top service, it will be a good holiday.”


“Customers should be weary of low prices because the cost of productions and freight have not gone down. But It’s a Tuesday Holiday with no day off on that Monday so Florist should do very well. Trust your relationships and we in Miami will work our butts off to help everyone succeed this Valentines Day. ”


Williee Armellini


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