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Saint Valentine is, “Rockin in the USA”

Saint Valentine is, “Rockin in the USA”

Miami, Florida 2-03-2015

As the internal clock of the floral industry ticks ever so close to the climax on the fourteenth it appears that all is well. Viewed from down a few rungs on the floral ladder we hear that the supply and demand scale is tipping toward the demand side.  That means that the oversupply at farm level, anticipated by the situation in Russia, did not materialize as many predicted, including me.

The main reason does not seem to be so much related to the trouble with the rubble but for the weather in South America.  No freezes have been reported but low lumens, (aka: lack of sunlight) on the Sabana have messed with the production timing for some farms.  A sure sign of a lack of product is revealed when bouquet makers in Miami are on the hunt for product on the Miami Market and not bashful about paying.  This alone will keep demand tight and where there is tight demand there are higher prices.

The Rose market, and in particular the red rose market as to be expected, remains very tight and is is poised to stay that way depending on who you speak with.  The California crop has for the most part come and gone giving the price of snaps, Gerberas, Stock and Lilies a boost and the coveted “Hot” title.

The Saturday holiday has not seemed to dampen anyone’s appetite for fresh flowers and the Mass Markets are planning for a good day. This should bode well for the rest of the industry as long as Mother Nature does not decide to toss a wrench into the gears which she is prone to doing. As of this writing she is testing the resolve of many in the North with lots of snow.

As always the market is good or bad depending on whether you are buying or selling. Good Luck to all.

Williee Armellini
Editor, flowersandcents.com

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