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Welcome to all of the new members. Thank you for registering.

Welcome to Flowersandcents.com a place on the Internet to learn about the happening in the commercial flower industry. I research the web for floral related news and combine that with my personal knowledge of the business and present it for your review at flowersandcents.com.

This site contains a blog and a forum which I prefer to call a “flog”. I post the most important news on the blog and maintain the forum for more news and most importantly a dialog between members. The members are comprised of growers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and logistics companies, mostly in the US and South America.

In either case you need to register in order to post and I strongly encourage you to post and participate in any discussion or start your own thread. If you have already registered then you know that you are able to remain anonymous, if you so choose.  I do NOT want to know who you are and cannot find out unless you leave an email that includes your name.  It is important to use a valid email address so that the system can send you news alerts, so if you are concerned about your identity just get a spare email account.

Finally I never want this site, which began in 2001, to become a “re-post- a-tory”. So I will, from time to time write original articles and post them.  I will attempt to cover the big floral shows from around the world and review them for you. Enjoy!

Thank you

Williee Armellini

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