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wffsa 2015 final review.

Today wraps up the wffsa Distribution Conference for 2015 and the end of the good deals at The Trump Doral. Just to add some extra excitement to the show the Donald indeed did show up and take photos with those eager to get his attention.

Next year the show is returning to the Doubletree Hotel in the Merchandise Mart in Miami. This is where many shows have been held and I think it will be a much better venue for us floral folks. While rubbing elbows with the stars can be a fun distraction paying $20 for a glass of ok wine is just not our kind of place. The Doubletree has better parking, bigger show floor, a nice pool area and a better bar with ample bar tenders.

This years show I felt was a good one and I have been to enough to know. As usual the results are not in quite yet, and will vary upon who you talked to last. I would go as far to say that at any convention fifty percent of those exhibiting would say they it was great, forty percent would say it was not, and the other 10 percent are still not sure.

In any case one thing is for certain. Most keep coming back year after year. The obvious increase in the number of growers and especially Ecuadorean growers was no surprise. Since the Russian market has changed a lot those growers that were heavily invested in the Ruble are now paying more attention to the US market. And by the way the roses looked beautiful!

I was also very to once again see more California growers represented and I love their ad campaign:

“More Americans enjoying more flowers, more often”.

I heard good feedback on the integrated party event from Thursday night and the gift card give away was very popular. It is fun to see a bunch of adults fighting to get a little sticker on an entry card. But for $500 I admit mine was in the bucket however, none of my charms worked in getting my card pulled. We also heard that Lynchburg wholesale won two times and gave one back for someone else to win. Very classy!

Finally, I declare that it was really good to see so many people that I have known for most of my life. I salute the dedicated group of convention troopers that travel from one show to the next, country to county, city to city setting up and breaking down and having to smile and stand on their feet for hours. This event and its attendees reminds me that we are in a great business where generations of families have handed the floral baton off more that once.

Which is a good subject for a future article that I hope to write.

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Williee Armellini

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