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wffsa 2016 review in pictures.

wffsa 2016 Distribution Conference is over and I have to say this event was, damn good! The new setting for most people was much better then the Trump experience, better parking and better atmosphere and cheaper drinks. The limited table size did allow for some inventive displays. I am not sure if there was an official award given but Jet Fresh Flowers was my favorite.


As I walk around the show with my camera in hand, I am often asked my opinion of the event.  I decided to turn the tables and ask them what makes a good show, a good show?

Several exhibitors told me that they were there to, “Represent, to be able to show our faces, meet new faces and put faces together with those that we talk to so often.”

Some told me that it was ,”a more cost efficient way of seeing your existing customers face to face vs the expense of traveling to see all of them.”

Of course they all said that if they picked up a new customer or two then that would be icing on the cake. Finally one told me that customers notice if your not there.

There were many familiar faces and even my 93 year old Mother, matriarch of the Armellini family, showed up for a tour of the show! There were several educational programs that I admit I did not attend, but the talk given regarding technology by Bob DeStefano was popular based on feed back.

The hospitality suites are always popular since you can eat and drink yourself from one to the next and everyone is happy and festive.



The presence of over a dozen Ecuadorean rose growers, double that of last year is further evidence that the Russian Market has not returned to its glory days as the Market of choice for many growers. I heard an interesting statement that I found worthy of sharing; “The Flower business is a want business not a need business”

Finally the only real different flower that I saw was that shown by Danzinger branded as “Scoop”which is technically a Scabiosa. Lolypop looking flowers available in various colors.



Ok the best is yet to come;  my youtube video image review will give you a good sense of the spirit of this successful, and awesome show.

Thanks for watching; click here

Williee Armellini


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