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WFFSA Distribution Conference 2014 Picture review.

WFFSA Distribution Conference Doral Florida, October 2014

It was rainy and the sun rarely peeked out for 2 days but this did not dampen the spirits of the attendees for this 3 day event.  This was uncharacteristic of Miami’s weather where, normally when it rains, it really rains for 10 minutes and then the sun appears, often at the same time.

But this was a northern rain where you can still get on with your day without getting too wet. No doubt brought on by the influx of out-of-towners that were, now in town.  However, to the delight of all Friday was, Chamber of Commerce, beautiful

There are a number of things I like about this show. First of all, it is close to home and that is huge, but the fact that it is here in Miami also means it is close enough for most vendors to take advantage of the proximity to their operations.  The next thing I like is the timing. The table top exhibitions are only open for a total of twelve hours and the whole program is from Wednesday at four pm till Friday at noon, so sleep is optional.  The exhibition is the center piece and the best things about it is, the fact that everyone is limited to only one table top and as much product as you can arrange around your booth without encroaching on your neighbor’s space.

This “equal” treatment reduces the,” mine is bigger than yours”, issue and instead stimulates the,” my design is better than yours”, competiveness. This is refreshing and there were some very well prepared displays.

According to WFFSA there were 762 attendees, 105 first timers, 6 new product showcase entries and 100 table top displays. These appear to be good numbers based on the activity in the halls.  As always there were some predictable attendees, those people that I tend to see only at conventions around the world.  Some of these friends live within miles of my home and yet I have to travel far and wide to see them.  This is another reason that I enjoy these events. You get to expand your horizons and rub elbows with some people that likely know more than you and if you are lucky get a few guiltless hugs from some lovely ladies or men based on your preference.

I did not attend many of the educational events but I did I enjoy the Tech talk, Memorial Day Flowers discussion featuring, the entertaining Ramiro Penahererra and I very much liked what Lane DeVries had to say about promoting “Women’s Day”

Talk about a perfect holiday.  Not color specific, not variety specific, not flower specific and the audience is 50% of all North Americans. I like it; I just wonder how to get it out of Lane’s head and into our collective wallets.

Finally the” Donald” certainly has put his Midas touch on the Doral Country Club now Trump National.  While I am not a big fan of big, bigger and grander the place now holds its self to a higher standard than before. The service was notably better and everything that could be upgraded is being or has been “Trumpized” The bad news about all of the 200+ million that has been spent is that after next year WFFSA (and most of us) will no longer be able to afford the place.

See you next year. Remember to wear your rubbers Miami is sometimes wet.

Williee Armellini


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