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Why are Shoe Laces so long?



After buying a new part of sneakers after many years I noticed that the laces are simply too long and appear to be designed simply to trip me.

If you look down at your feet and are wearing sneakers then you have likely employed one or more techniques to prevent you from tripping over your extra long shoe laces. There are many options.

  • Tie a really long bow
  • Tie a double knot (bow)
  • Loop one time around your ankles
  • Cut them (but now they are too short)
  • Tuck the extra length into you shoe

I have tried all of the above with limited success and continue to trip over them while cursing the manufacturer. I decided to do a little research since I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.

My assumption was that these are extra long, multi-colored laces were for the boys who wear their shoes wide open, and never tied, to maintain that certain look. These are the same style challenged characters that like wearing their pants so low that they defy gravity. There was some consensus for this theory from the younger folks I polled.

But, of course, like any respectable researcher I went to the ultimate authority for the real story “Google” Turns out that there are some valid reasons and some good tips on how to deal with these Medusa -like creatures.

Based on the search results the basic reason is simply to reduce the number of laces that a company must stock for the various shoe styles it sells. Longer fits them all! Then there are number of tying techniques that reduce the length by using up more lace thus shortening them. For people like me that get to the point when they can’t handle tying them over and over and cut them in a rage (normally too short) there is a solution. Since cutting them also means the nice tidy sealed ends are lost and therefore no longer fit though a lace hole.  The good news is that they sell replacements called” Aglets” for those inclined to fix things.

The best solution was posted on Youtube (another source of everything you needed to know) where a woman demonstrated how to use that extra hole at the top of the sneaker that you always wondered about. Rather than trying to explain this technique I will defer to the maker.


I hope this topic helps you manage your shoes better so you do not trip and fall on your flowers.

Remember to tie you laces Miami is hot!

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