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Interview with Farbod Shoraka of Bloomnation. Part 2

Interview with Farbod Shoraka of Bloomnation part 2

Williee Armellini of interviews Farbod Shoraka of Bloomnation. Part 2


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    Blah Blah Blah !! I’ve heard this scenario numerous times from those who think it’s easy to create a consumer marketplace for ordering flowers. It is a difficult road to syphon off business from the recognized brands like FTD and 800 Flowers who account for over 50 percent of orders gatherer’s alone from the big four. ( the other two Teleflora and ProFlowers)

    I think the smarter florists out there ( 10 percent of them) are pointing people to their own service business for ordering for local or for delivery elsewhere and companies like Bloom Nation will be around as long as their investment capital supports their business model.

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      Welcome gatekeeper glad you found your way here. I think his model is very cool and can work but your are correct that there are large forces out there.

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    I thought it was a great interview also. He had a lot of great points that we should be thrilled to embrace. Trust is a tough obstacle to overcome.

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    Good interview.

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