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Flo·ra:  n. [ˈflȯr-ə]   Plant life    |     Plex: n. [ˈpleks]   A gathering place of related things

Floraplex is an industry-based trading system that serves all levels of the floral industry, from growers to wholesalers, retailers to new product inventors, and major suppliers to niche products & services.

With Floraplex, industry professionals can get what they need when they need it, filling in the gaps in the trading process and eliminating the need to go through commercial sales channels.

How it Started

The idea for Floraplex was originally developed by Bill Mobley in the early 90s, before AOL and the World Wide Web ever existed, in an ecommerce company known as World Commerce Online (WCOL). With a staff comprising many of the floral industry’s leading professionals, WCOL soon saw its stock price rise to $28. However, following Mobley’s departure, the company sought to pursue financial dominance instead of Mobley’s original vision of a simple transaction fee-based website. As they carried out this new strategy, the original Floraplex system eventually fell by the wayside.

Floral Industry 2.0

Fast forward to today – the floral industry hasn’t changed much, with most transactions still being handled through phone orders, yet everyone is now educated on using consumer trading websites like eBay, Groupon, and Amazon – and smart devices (mobile, tablets, laptops) make it easy and convenient to do everything online, no matter where you are. Mobley’s idea, once considered too far ahead of its time, is now poised to forever change the landscape of the floral industry by providing a simple, universal platform for transactions to take place at every level of the industry.

The Future is Now!

From the established farms who will use this sales channel to market excess inventory, to the specialized producer trying to introduce new products, or retail florists seeking that hard-to-find flower for that special wedding, Floraplex allows all types of floral industry professionals to openly connect from all around the world. This kind of open community brings together traders on all levels, cutting costs by reducing the need to use commercial sales channels while simultaneously promoting the growth and development of the industry as a whole.