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Florabundance, Inc. was incorporated in August of 1994 by a group of quality California cut flower growers. The goals of the company were simple: to provide a fresher, high quality floral product to the retail floral trade. By cutting the time from cut to receipt and by providing an extensive product line, the company was destined to succeed in providing the growing customer base with the products needed and demanded by the general public.There have been many milestones over the course of the last ten years. The company has grown through acquisitions, a strong internet presence, new marketing programs, and through the tireless efforts of a skilled and educated staff of professionals. Florabundance looks to quality growers around the world to continually expand the specialty flowers available to our customers. Our aim is to form a team with our growers, employees, and customers. We are in business to assist in everyone?? success and to foster the positive emotions that are only natural when everyone comes through for the consumers looking to bring more beauty and joy into their lives through flowers.

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