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Fresca Farms is a flexible company which can create custom consumer bunches and bouquets that meet your specific needs. The following are the advantages of working with Fresca Farms: We offer full service to our customers ??Fresca Farms will be your one stop shop for your floral needs. We have standing orders available with extremely competitive pricing. We offer our partners custom packs as well as wet packs to meet the needs of your clients. We are farm-related. We pride ourselves in supplying a large selection of novelty flowers. We employ an in-house agronomist in our Miami distribution warehouse to ensure you receive only the highest quality flowers. We are strategically located near most truck lines, offering you later cut-off times and accommodating last minute orders. Here are just a few examples of unique product available through Fresca Farms: Moon Series Carnations, 120cm Roses, vast variety of Hydrangeas. 3095 NW 77th Ave Miami Fla. 22133


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