Dummen Orange on the move

The industry through the eyes of a newcomer

“What I like most is the energy, dedication and passion in the industry. This is very unique”, says Noelia Mansilla, a newcomer in the flower industry. After years of working in the chemical industry, she started as Head of Commercial Operations EMEA at Dümmen Orange in January 2018. She told us more about working in this rapidly expanding company and the opportunities and challenges that they and other breeders are encountering. 

Noelia Mansilla at the FlowerTrials 2018 at the Dümmen Orange location in Germany. 

From chemical- to flower industry 

Following a doctorate in chemistry, 15 academic publications and a position as Associate Professor with a Spanish University, Mansilla moved into the industry in 2000. She worked at Bayer MaterialScience (now Covestro) for 14 years – where she acquired commercial experience on operative and strategic levels in different positions and countries – before moving to Wevo-Chemie in 2014, where she worked until Dümmen Orange crossed her path.
Dümmen Orange approached her as they were looking for someone with a technical commercial background and, more importantly, experience in working both in a multinational corporation as well as in entrepreneurial environments. “Dümmen Orange is something in between – but definitively more than the simple sum of the companies that we have acquired and merged with. However we stay in line with the entrepreneurial principles of building business and putting customers always first, they have glued our organization”, says Mansilla. 

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