2021 What a year!

Greetings to all as this year winds down and we wonder what 2022 will bring.

This year has been one for the record books but probably not one that we should use to compare with other years. This year saw unprecedented demand for fresh flowers and plants just after a year where the sky was falling.

Increased demand due to people staying home and wanting fresh products to make them feel good, combined with limited supply due to many of the same reasons, sent the market into a frenzy. When product was available the logistics to get them were more complicated and unreliable as ever.

Airlines and truckers struggled to meet demand as their labor pools contracted for a whole bunch of reasons.

Bouquet makers continued to take advantage of the market conditions, buying up large and small farms to insure their supply. Large wholesalers were also consolidating their position in the US as opportunities became available. Greenleaf Wholesale being taken over by the Bill Doran Company as the best example.

The supply chain and strong demand also kept very fresh flowers in the pipeline and the result is longer lasting flowers that will boost consumer confidence in our products and hopefully make this great market persist into 2022.

How long will this last is what everyone wants to know? Well my guess is that growers will plant more hectares and suppliers will hire more staff in an effort to meet the expected demand. This is the natural reaction when demand calls for more of everything but will it create an over supply? Hard to know but every indicator that I have watched has called for this strong demand to continue well into 2022.

Another interesting development in floral is the call for a industry wide marketing order that would collect funds from suppliers to be used to promote generic floral products. As of this writing it appears that many of the industry organizations are supporting this concept. This idea pops up every few years and so far no group has been able to get these ideas across the finish line. CalFlowers is also working on a similar idea so I will be doing my best to get more information about both of these initiatives and report my findings.

Flowerandcents.com is now 20 years old and it has been my pleasure to bring you Floral news and Interviews from the people in the know. Thanks to everyone for reading and watching my floral exhibition reviews and interviews. More to come in 2022. Happy Holidays, be safe.

Williee Armellini
Editor / Owner: Flowersandcents.com


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