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The top 100 Floral People and Companies

in the America’s floral business.

Back in 2014 I published a list of the top floral names in the America’s.

I present my list for 2019.

These names are based solely on my knowledge of the business. My criteria was that they be alive, active in the business, and make a difference. The order in which they appear does not necessarily reflect the size of the company but how I view their importance in the industry. I did reach out to a few industry friends to help me assemble this list so I would not miss anyone outside of my world.

As the list took shape it became clear that this could easily become a popularity contest and that is what we attempted to avoid. The list needed to be longer since there are other names that belong here but we stopped at 100. Hope you like it .

Herbert Jordan (the Queens group)
Jim McCann (1800 flowers)
The Resnicks (Teleflora)
Juan Carlos Hannaford (the elite flower co.)
John Simko  (Sunshine Bouquet co.)
Jamie Peisach (Passion Growers)
Lane de Vries  (Sun Valley floral group)
Remi, Carlos Mannuel Davalos (Colour Republic)
Anna Ball (Ball Horticulture Co.)
Marco van Zijverden  (Dutch Flower Group)
Mr. Rokus Hassefras (Dummen Orange)
Augusto Solano  (Asocolflores)
Kate Penn  (SAF)
Joey Azout   (Alexandra Farms)
J Schwanke  (Ubloom)
Dick van Raamsdonk  (
Terrill Nell  (American Floral Endowment)
Bill LaFever  (Bill Doran co)
Red kennicott  (Kennicott)
Ken Wilkins, Tim Dewey (Delaware Valley Floral Group)
Patrick Dalhson  (Mayesh Wholesale)
Kevin Priest (Cleveland Plant and Flower Company)
Ross Johnson (Rosa Prima)
Tom Logue (The Pennock Co.)
Carlos Naveda (Tessa Corporation)
Edwin Verdezoto (Royal Flowers)
Alberto Cantillana (Alkavat Group)
The Danziger’s  (Danziger)
Joaquin Dellatore  (ballsb)
David Armellini  (Armellini Industries)
Debora Steier (Albertsons Floral Department Head.)
Alexandro Perez (Komet Sales)
Martha Stewart (Martha Stewart collection)
Eli Perez (Rosamina)
Michael Black (Jet Fresh Flowers)
Debbie Mola Mickler (Disney Horticulture )
The Bachmann’s  ( Bachmann’s)
Terri McEnaney (Bailey Nurseries)
Chris Bates (Grower Talks Magazine)
Jose Antonio Restrepo (Ayura-Pride-Eclipse)
Brian McCarthy  (McCarthy Group)
Mike Rimland (Costa Farms)
Dean Rule (Connectiflor)
The Mellano’s (Mellano)
Van Wingerden International (North Carolina)
Sheridan nurseries (Toronto)
Perfection (The Brand)
Yassin Legesse Johnson (Sunrise Flowers, Ethiopia)
Dwight Larimer (Design Master)
John Tabis, Jaun Pablo Montufar (The Bouqs Co.)
David Kaplan (aboveallflowers)
Frank Biddle (FBI flowers, Tradewinds)
Martin Vered (Flormetz)
Rob Spikol  (Greenleaf Wholesale)
Molly Mullins (Wffsa)
Chris Johnson (CalFlowers)
Becky Roberts  (PMA)
Rene Streng  (online flower guide)
Pete Garcia Co. (Floramart)
Laura Shinall (Syndicate Sales)
Robin Kilbride (Oasis)
Steve Daum (Floralife)
Frank Hofland (Accent Décor)
Jim Kaplan (Chrysal Americas)
Carlos Oramas (Gems International)
Lisa Roeser  (fifty flowers)
Corrine Heck (details flowers software)
Christina Stembel ( Farmgirl Flowers)
Christina Uricoechea (Asocolflores)
Ramiro Penaherrera (Memorial Day Flowers)
Mark Buys (Northland Canada)
Clair and Bruce Hammelman (Hammelman Floral)
Charlie Hall (Texas A&M)
Martin Meskers (Oregon Flowers)
Deborah De La Flor (Designer)
Rene Van Rems (Designer)
Pieter Landman (Designer)
David and Jana Register (Ferntrust)
Eric Hagstrom (Hagstrom and Son)
The Royer’s (Royers Flowers)
Edgar Lozano (USA Bouquet)
Ximena Franco (FlorVerde)
Lourdes Rey (BloomyPro)
David Daneshgar (BloomNation)
Elita Vellekoop (Floral Daily)
Bill Jacobson (Jacobson Floral)
Steve Dionne (WAFEX)
Robert Kitayama (KB Farms)
Joe Don Zetzsche (HEB)
Dave and Teddy (Winston Florist )
Bill Fernandez (Continental Flowers)
Jason Levin (Dos Gringos)
Hans Peter Hug (Bellaflor-group)
Dan Vordale (Ocean View Flowers)
Victor Giorgini (Rio P&F)
Larry Howkins (Continental Farms)
Chris Martindale (Esprit Miami)
Kristin Gilliland (Gardens America)
Gabriele Becerra (Golden Flowers)
Williee Armellini (

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  • Great list, Williee! It’s so encouraging to look through those names and be reminded that there is so much good work being done for the floral industry.

    If I may, I’d like to submit another name for consideration in future lists. Mark Anderson of FloristWare is a name that probably isn’t as recognizable as it should be. Mark thrives on working behind the scenes to help florists in many different ways.

    Aside from his work on the FloristWare POS system, Mark is a regular exhibitor and sponsor at numerous events across North America (and beyond). This is no mean feat for a small business based in Toronto! Further, Mark serves on SAF committees, is a regular contributor to industry publications, and is a deep thinker (who is very willing to share) on issues like pricing strategies and profitability.

    Mark’s work with floral associations often goes unheralded. From helping with graphic design, to donating and organizing print materials, to providing technology at events, Mark’s efforts not only save organizations a lot of money, but dramatically improve the professionalism and attendee experience.

    Between his work with SAF, magazines, local shows, and more, there’s hardly a florist in North America who hasn’t benefited from his efforts in one way or another over the last 20 years.

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