Concerning news About Sun Valley Floral.

I have learned that Sun Valley Floral of California has issued a notice to employees and vendors about a possible layoff.

This is very sad news, and those of us at are hoping that a plan can be conceived to save Sun Valley.

I have spoken to them to confirm this story, and below is their current formal statement.


“The Sun Valley Group recently announced to its team members that it has issued WARN notices regarding a potential mass layoff of workers on or after July 22, 2024.

This action was taken to comply with government laws while the Company continues to evaluate its strategic options. We regret the uncertainty and confusion these notices will undoubtedly cause to our team members, vendors and customers and we will be privately communicating to all affected groups. We will provide further public comment as circumstances warrant.”


Please direct all questions to Bill Prescott 707-630-2994 or [email protected]


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