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Greetings to all and I trust this message finds you well.

The floral industry survived Mother’s Day 2019 and by all reports it appeared to be a very good holiday. Flowers were fresh and the prices were sufficient to allow for good margins.

The holiday was followed by the Memorial Day Flowers foundation event which took place all over America. This is a great opportunity for the flower industry to shine and use the power of flowers to honor fallen soldiers.

Thanks to all of the growers, importers, and others who gave flowers, money, time or all three. Coming off of a strong holiday when there was little inventory the industry rose to the occasion and at Arlington National Centenary 1,500 volunteers handed out 200,000 stems (Colombia California and Ecuador) and 30,000 more on Monday.

Ramiro Penaherrera the driving force within the foundation has created something that will continue to shed a light on honoring soldiers and giving the floral industry some positive news to share. There are some great pictures to review here

The next big event will be the IFTEX show in Nairobi Kenya. will be attending this far away fun show that begins on June 5. The Kenyans are ready to wow everyone with their flowers and you can be sure I will return with images to validate the quality.

Stay tuned to for all your floral news.

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