is up and running with good news.

I am pleased to report that it is safe to once again visit! The evil doers have been sent to hell and once again we are live. Thank you for your understanding.

More news: .
Saddle up your horses it will be a fun journey this convention season. plans to cover these fruitful floral exhibitions. Hope to see you there, I am the guy with the camera and hat. 

IFTEX show in Nairobi, Kenya. starting June 5th.
IFE show in Miami, Florida starting June June 18th
Fun n Sun Santa Barbara, California starting July 24th
SAF; Amilia Island, Florida Starting September 18th
Agriflor, Quito Starting September 30th
Proflora: Bogota, Colombia starting October 2nd
IFTF, Vijfhuizen, Holland starting November 6th

Then I am done. See you somewhere.



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