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    First of all, Thank you Thank you Thank you… for your hard work, dedication and sacrifices that you have made and given to Ensign…, not only for your Valentine’s work…, but for your help with the move, going through getting Ensign organized and then Christmas, and now Valentine’s  It seems like Christmas and Valentine’s blended together this year.  And now, we’ve begun working on Mother’s Day…

    THE CHASE…:  I want to share something that is a bit personal.  (You might read this from a cynical perspective as being sappy, and then giggle; and that’s OK.  I kind of do myself, if you want to know.)  Many years ago I found out something about myself.  Whenever I finish a project big or little, at home or at work, community service (Ask me about rebuilding our high school baseball field.  It took 3 years.)  I am always expecting a reward.  It might be just the satisfaction of getting the job done.  It could be the $$$ paid to me for the work that I have done.  Or, with work, the people that we make happy, which could be our customers, our suppliers…, and most certainly you!, as well as others.

    For me, equally as satisfying, and maybe more, is THE CHASE.  It’s the fun and joy of doing the task at hand while I am doing it.  With all the problems, mistakes, screwed-up-whatever it is, for some weird reason, I find joy in all of that; knowing that all of those issues will be resolved for a good conclusion.  And now that Valentine’s is over, I am missing THE CHASE, the act(s) of doing all of that, and the joy of doing all of that with you.  I call it a joyful melancholy type of feeling.  It makes me want to begin the next CHASE.

    My hope is this, that in some way you will find your own type of peace and happiness and joy in what we do at Ensign… together.  And that you can look back and know you enjoyed THE CHASE.

    Wishing you the best, always!


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