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    Dear SAF Past President and SAF Board of Directors –

    I wanted to share the very sad news that Bob Williams passed away last night – it was only days after we announced during convention that he was the recipient of SAF’s Paul Ecke Jr. Award. Thanks to the generosity of Robin Kilbride and Smithers Oasis, we were able to present this award to Bob in person, at a beautiful gathering of his family and a small group of industry friends at his facility in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, in late August. Bob was so moved by this event  – he thought we were there to celebrate his birthday; what a treat to witness his reaction upon learning that he was the Paul Ecke Jr. recipient – he said it was Paul Ecke Jr., in fact, who encouraged him to get involved with SAF.  It was clear that it meant the world to him to be honored in this way.

    Below is a link to a video from the event, which we shared with the convention audience on Thursday, when we announced him as the Paul Ecke Jr. Award honoree in Orlando. (I also sent

    Bob a link to the video of the convention audience giving him a standing ovation 😊)

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