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    For Immediate Release: October 10, 2022

    Del Alma Group Goes Plastic Neutral

    When Del Alma Group was founded just a few years ago, we set out to build a better flower company. Not just in growing practices, service, logistics, and marketing but throughout every nuance of our company. As part of this mission, we are happy to announce, in a floral industry first, Del Alma has gone plastic neutral.

    You have probably heard of Carbon Neutrality or Carbon Offsets. A Carbon Offset is the reduction or removal of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. This is usually done through planting trees or investments in renewable energy projects. Going Plastic Neutral is similar but actually more direct.

    “We all know that plastic usage in our industry is a necessity. We have to get the flowers from points A to B to C, healthily and without damage,” says Noam Temkin, President of Del Alma. “So, let’s find a way to be good stewards of the planet and, at the very least, pull out of the environment what we put in. It’s a good place to start and will lead to net negative plastic consumption.”

    Del Alma Group has partnered with RePurpose Recycling, based out of Utah, with operations in Guatemala. “This is directly making an impact by recycling just as much plastic as is created by the packaging,” Repurpose Recycling Founder Jeremy Porter said. “These offset credits are causing plastic to be collected and recycled in areas of high impact, both environmentally and socially, turning trash to treasure and creating jobs where there aren’t many.”

    Del Alma Group will be exhibiting at The Global Produce and Floral Show, Booth #4017.

    About Del Alma Group

    Del Alma Group was founded in 2019 by a few hungry floral industry veterans that wanted to challenge the status quo. We are a family of Ecuadorian flower farms that bring a wholesome and holistic approach to our business. Members of our collective have been growing flowers for multiple generations.

    We are just the right size to supply large volumes of fresh cut flowers while remaining nimble and innovative. Together, we have over 140 hectares of flowers and grow over 250 varieties.

    Contact Info: Noam Temkin – [email protected] – 801.376.3420

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