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    In this newsletter:

    • IFTF 2022 on track!.
    • Hortus (HSI) exhibitor
      for the 12th consecutive time at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen!
    • That Flower Feeling comes to IFTF
    • Updated floor plan.
    • Updated exhibitor list


    Get your free entry ticket online:


     Show Hours:

     Wednesday November 9
     10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

     Thursday November 10
     10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

     Friday November 11
     10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



     Expo Greater Amsterdam
     Formarly known as:
     Expo Haarlemmermeer


     Stelling 1
     S2141 SB Vijfhuizen
     The Netherlands




    IFTF 2022 on track!

    Vijfhuizen, Friday October 21. IFTF 2022 is getting ready to receive the thousands of international trade visitors that have pre-registered so far. With over 275 participating companies the number of exhibitors is approaching the level of pre Covid-19. A record high number of international flower growers are among them this year and therefore a great opportunity for buyers to source their flowers that are grown in all important flower producing countries of the world. This likely presence of an extra abundance of flowers will make the show even more attractive than it already always is.

    A considerable number of first time exhibitors have signed up this year for IFTF and one the many reasons why it is exciting every year again and important to visit the Trade Fair IFTF in Vijfhuizen. The show will take place one week later this year, because of the dates of all Saints and All Souls Day.

    One of the specialties of this year at IFTF, and an extra network opportunity as well, is the international conference “Flowers by Sea”, which will take place a day before the exhibition will start. On Tuesday November 8 more than 400 people will attend a congress about the transition of transporting flowers by air to freighting them by sea. A panel of 8 industry peers will answer all questions from the audience about this very important subject that, according to some, may even shake the foundation of the world cut flower industry.

    The overwhelming interest to attend is a clear sign how concerned the industry is about its future. The auditorium is full with professionals from every chain of the floral industry from all over the world with even a waiting list for several hoping to get a seat at the last moment.

    It is looking positive for this year’s edition of IFTF with a strong increased number of exhibiting international flower growers, who can expect a similar strong increased demand for flowers!

    For more information: http://www.iftf.nl.






    That Flower Feeling comes to IFTF.

    That Flower Feeling is a new brand established by CalFlowers Association to increase per-capita floral consumption in the US market.

    Launched in January 2022, That Flower Feeling brand, and its associated campaign ‘Flowers. Self care made easy’, has reached over 48 million US consumers with over 60 million impressions served across numerous social media and digital audio platforms.

    “Our campaign has focused on engaging consumers in the 25-39 age bracket across Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Pinterest as well as Sirius XM Radio, Spotify, and several of the world’s most popular podcasts,” said Executive Director Steve Dionne.  “We carefully tracked consumer reactions using gold-standard market analytics and have demonstrated an 8% lift in the all-important ‘intent to purchase’ category”.  Dionne estimates that the massive exposure combined with strong consumer engagement has resulted in the potential to expand floral purchases in 2022 by over $200 million USD.  The fun, edgy campaign – developed in partnership with marketing agency 180 Amsterdam, has also earned a finalist spot for the Brand Development category for the prestigious Dutch Creativity (ADCN) awards.

    The CalFlowers board of directors determined that the most effective way to initiate a national marketing campaign for fresh flowers was to first use its own resources to launch the effort, then validate its effectiveness, and finally to encourage the entire floral industry to voluntarily fund ongoing campaign efforts.  That Flower Feeling Foundation, a 501c6 non-profit entity, has been established for the sole purpose of collecting funds from the greater industry and dedicating those funds to expanding the Self Care campaign and create future creative campaigns to continue to expand the market.

    “All floral companies, regardless of industry segment or location, should give serious consideration to joining their fellow industry stakeholders in supporting the industry through serious, effective, large-scale, professional marketing.  Already over 50 companies have funded the Foundation since its launch at the Fun ‘N Sun convention in August,” said Joost Bongaerts, owner of Florabundance and board member of CalFlowers.

    You can find That Flower Feeling Foundation at stand D5.25.







    Hortus (HSI) exhibitor for the 12th consecutive time at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen

    From 9 to 11 November 2022, Hortus will be an exhibitor (for the 12th time!) at the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF). The IFTF is one of the leading floriculture fairs with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Many breeders, growers, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers will visit the fair to maintain existing relationships and develop new ones. At the IFTF, Hortus will present 3 innovative products out of our complete product range for you to discover.

    For Hortus, the IFTF fair is a valuable event for a number of reasons:

    • It is an excellent opportunity to meet with our existing customers and suppliers
    • Expand our network with new relationships
    • Showcase interesting or new products

    At the IFTF we focus on presenting three innovative products; The Airmixer, Nano Trace Minerals and Fibercell Plug Paper from our new partner BCC.

    Airmix for mixing fertilizers
    Hortus developed the innovative Airmix pump. This pump is able to mix the fertilizers in fertilizer stock tanks easily and cost-effectively. One Airmix pump mixes 2 containers of 2200 liters each with air. Fertilizers are drawn evenly from the tanks and distributed evenly through irrigation systems, without sediment. The Airmix is easy to install and requires little maintenance, making it ideal for a wide range of growers and situations.

    Nano trace minerals
    Nano trace elements are an innovative way to strengthen plants, making them less susceptible to diseases and pests, improving their structure and producing increased yields per square metre. Additionally, the nano trace elements are sustainable in use.

    AgroArgentum® is an NK-9-6 EC fertilizer which contains 1% silver nanoparticles that keep the plant with an active metabolism. AgroCyprum® is a copper EC fertilizer solution that contains 3% copper nanoparticles. AgroFerrum® is an iron fertilizer solution that contains 15% iron nanoparticles.

    All these products have an optimized concentration of their ingredients and because of the reduced size of their components, are more bioavailable for the plants.

    AgroCalcium® is a calcium EC fertilizer solution with the optimized concentration of all its ingredients. It contains 20% calcium, 1,5% magnesium and 1,5% silicon, made from micro fine ground rock flour and also thanks to the reduced size of its component, is more bioavailable for the plants.

    For each cultivation there is a specific protocol how to use and combine the Nano Trace Elements in the best rates. The elements strengthen each other and with the correct dosage per element, the results will be optimal for your crop. Your plants and yield will benefit significant.

    Multiple tests at growers worldwide have shown very positive results. Stronger crops which become more resistant and higher yields.

    Fibercell Plug Paper from BCC
    Our partner BCC is the ultimate and complete partner for paper based growing systems. They develop, produce, deliver, install and service customized complete solutions or standardized machines for growing all type of crops in the FiberCell system worldwide. At the IFTF we present Fibercell Plug Paper prime medium for horticultural use in plant propagation.

    The Plug Paper Prime Medium, is suitable for crops with a longer propagation period, have a degradation time of 4 – 12 months and are certified (FSC, Rainforest Alliance)

    The paper rolls in the Prime family are used by numerous forest and flower nurseries , like summer flowers and rose propagation, around the world, but is also suitable for other type of crops in other areas, like Pinus Radiata, Eucalyptus, Acacia, Coffee and Citrus.

    Visit us at the IFTF
    We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at our stand. You can find us almost immediately upon arrival at stand A3.14.

    Click here if you would like to catch up with someone specific from our Hortus team.

    Source: Hortus

















    2Acanfora FioriItalyB1.46
    4AFG WorldwideSouth AfricaD3.23
    5Afrex Trading 2003 Pty. Ltd.South AfricaD1.38
    7Aggarwal Corrukrafts (Pvt) Ltd.IndiaD5.37
    8Agrícola Circasia / VuelvenColombiaB4.12
    9Agrícola El CactusColombiaD4.05
    10Agricola El ChaupiEcuadorB1.43
    15Agroterranorte S.AEcuadorD1.23
    16Air France-KLM-Martinair CargoHollandB2.01
    17Aircargo.nl B.V.HollandB1.39
    19Alexandra FarmsColombiaA1.15
    20Alma Spray RosesEcuadorB3.24
    21American Flowers MedellinColombiaA4.22
    26Aquila FlowersKenyaC3.12
    28Armando Alvarez GroupSpainD5.21
    29Aromas FarmsColombiaB5.14
    30Azaya GardensEcuadorD1.33
    31Ball HorticulturalUSAA4.02
    32Ball HorticulturalUSAA4.02
    33Barile Flowers ServiceItalyB1.06
    37Bercomex Flower Processing SolutionsHollandA4.12
    38Biancheri CreazioniItalyB4.10
    39BOT FlowerbulbsHollandB3.37
    44Cean Global ExportsColombiaD3.11
    45Cereria Carlo Nappi s.r.l.ItalyD5.35
    46Ceres FarmsEcuadorA3.02C
    47Chrysal InternationalHollandB1.42
    48Chrysal Ltd.KenyaC2.16
    49Ciesse Flower Export s.r.l.ItalyB5.06
    51Colibri FlowersColombiaB1.16
    53Continental BreedingSpainA1.22
    54Credible BloomsKenyaC2.16
    55De Ruiter InnovationsHollandA1.02
    56Debets SchalkeHollandA1.33
    57Denkers Chile S.p.A.ChileC1.02
    58Denkers Shipping B.V.HollandC1.02
    59Diemme FioriItalyB2.18
    60Don EusebioColombiaB1.16
    62DS HortitradeHollandA1.33
    63E.G. HillUSAA5.06
    65Eden RosesEcuadorC5.06
    66Elemflora Srl.ItalyB2.18
    67Elgon CollectionKenyaD3.17
    68EN FlowerItalyB1.46
    69Endless Spring FarmsEcuadorD1.23
    71Ercolano FloraItalyB1.32
    72Esmeralda FarmsEcuadorB3.12
    73Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA)EthiopiaA1.01
    74Everbloom RosesEcuadorD1.23
    75Everest Enterprises Ltd.KenyaA4.22
    78Exome Life SciencesIndiaD1.26
    79FEX B.V.HollandD3.34
    80Fillco FlowersColombiaB1.49
    81Fina Flora Ltd.KenyaA4.22
    82Flawless FlowersKenyaD6.05
    83Flexin SRLItalyB1.36
    84Flora Campana Int.ItalyB1.46
    85Flora Toscana Soc. Agr. Coop.ItalyB1.26
    86Flora United InternationalHollandB2.38
    87Flora United PortugalPortugalD5.23
    88Flora United South AfricaSouth AfricaD5.23
    92Florca Westland B.V.HollandC5.10
    93Florencia Blooms Ltd.KenyaA4.22
    95Flores de la HaciendaEcuadorC1.06
    96Flores el CapiroColombiaB1.16
    97Flores El PanderoColombiaD4.05
    98Flores La ConchitaColombiaD4.05
    99Flores Prisma S.A., C.I.ColombiaB4.02
    100Flores SilvestresColombiaC4.14
    101Floriken BloomsKenyaD6.05
    104Flower CargoEcuadorD1.23
    105Flower VillageEcuadorB3.24
    106Flowers Express SRLItalyB1.36
    107Flowers of Colombia / AsocolfloresColombiaB1.16
    108Flowers of Colombia / AsocolfloresColombiaD4.05
    110Flowex B.V.HollandB1.36
    111Four Seasons Quality B.V.HollandB2.08
    112FreshPortal SoftwareHollandB1.21
    113FSQ Box/PlatformHollandB2.06
    114Geerlofs RefrigerationHollandB1.25
    116Green LeafItalyB1.46
    118Greenhouse MarketeersHollandC5.14
    119Grupo Andes FarmsColombiaB1.16
    120Grupo VegaflorColombiaB1.16
    121Gutimilko, C.I.ColombiaD3.37
    122Gypso FlowersEcuadorD1.28
    123Haakman Flowerbulbs B.V.HollandC3.06
    124Hans van der Poel B.V.HollandC3.06
    125Harry VernooyHollandC2.04
    126Havatec BVHollandC3.06
    127Henat Enterprises Ltd.KenyaD6.06
    128HilverdaFlorist B.V.ColombiaC3.01
    129Hoja VerdeEcuadorA4.14
    130Holex Flower B.V.HollandB2.43
    131Hortijardines & MilanflorEcuadorA4.22
    133Hortus Supplies InternationalHollandA3.14
    134HPL ApolloEcuadorD4.02
    135Hydraflora s.a.sColombiaA4.22
    136HyperVend / FloraBotUSAD1.43
    137HypotSouth KoreaC1.19
    139Import Promotion Desk (IPD)GermanyA4.22
    140Indiagro B.V.HollandD4.01
    142Invos FlowersColombiaA5.10
    144Isinya Roses / Porini FlowersKenyaC4.01
    145Italian Flowers & Green Soc. Agr.ItalyB1.46
    146Jan Spek RozenHollandA2.02
    148Kapiteyn GroupHollandD4.17
    149Kenya Flower Council (KFC)KenyaC2.16
    150Kikwetu FlowersKenyaD6.11A
    151Koduk Green HouseSouth KoreaC1.09
    152Könst Alstroemeria B.V.HollandB3.08
    153Kranian FarmsKenyaD6.05
    154Kuehne + NagelHollandB1.27
    155Kunming Hui Wei Flower Co. Ltd.ChinaC1.23
    156La Gaitana Farms S.A.ColombiaB1.02
    157La Partenopea Soc. Coop. Agr.ItalyB1.46
    158Liguria BlumenItalyA3.27
    159Liquid SealHollandB3.06
    160Lock DrivesHollandB1.35
    162Logiztik Alliance GroupEcuadorA1.32
    163Luisiana FarmsColombiaD4.05
    165Manuchar AgroBelgiumC2.08
    166Matina FlowersColombiaB4.12
    167Matiz RosesEcuadorA5.18
    169Meilland InternationalFranceA1.14
    170Meridiana Soc. Agr.ItalyB1.46
    171Merizalde & RamírezEcuadorD1.23
    172Milestone FreshHollandD3.43
    174Morgan CargoHollandC1.16
    175Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Ltd.KenyaA4.22
    177Mt. Kenya SproutsKenyaA4.22
    178Muller Bloemzaden B.V.HollandA5.02
    180Murara PlantsKenyaC3.01
    182Mystic FlowersEcuadorA1.28
    183Mzurrie FlowersKenyaB4.24
    184Naranjo Roses GroupEcuadorA2.28
    185National Agricultural Export Development BoardRwandaD6.11
    186Native BloomsEcuadorA3.23
    187Nativefarm S.A.EcuadorA4.22
    189Natura EternaEcuadorB3.24
    190New Blooms SolutionsUSAD5.46
    191New Phlora Soc. Agr.ItalyB1.46
    192Newday FarmsTurkeyC1.15
    194NH Samen VeiligHollandD3.44
    195Ninth Avenue Ltd.KenyaD6.06
    196Normec Groen Agro ControlHollandB5.30
    198Olimpo FlowersEcuadorA3.02D
    199P.J. Dave FloraKenyaC3.24
    201Plastika Kritis S.A.GreeceD2.43
    202Premium Greens AustraliaAustraliaA1.27
    206Promoflor Srl.ItalyB2.18
    207Proteas del Sol Andino Inc.EcuadorA4.22
    210Quito Inor Flowers / Flower`s House GroupEcuadorA4.22
    211Real CargaColombiaD4.11
    212Red Lands RosesKenyaC2.16
    213Redil RosesColombiaB1.16
    214Regione CampaniaItalyB1.46
    215Rhenus FreshHollandB5.25
    218Roses Forever ApSDenmarkB2.24
    219Rosesland FarmEcuadorA1.23
    222Royal BrinkmanHollandB4.06
    223Royal FloraHollandHollandC2.12
    224Royal Van Zanten BreedingHollandB1.11
    227San Jorge Roses And Feelings S.C.CEcuadorD1.23
    228Sanima GardenEcuadorD1.23
    229Sant`Antonio Soc. Coop.ItalyB1.46
    230SB TaleeColombiaD2.11
    231Selecta Cut Flowers, S.A.U.SpainB1.08
    232Serrezuela FlowersColombiaB1.16
    233Sian FlowersKenyaC2.02
    234Singha SAS / The Farm Direct CompanyColombiaB5.10
    235SM InternationalItalyB1.46
    236Spring from HollandHollandC2.04
    237Star RosesEcuadorA2.22
    238Stelzner / PronovaGermanyA5.22
    239Subati FlowersKenyaB3.02
    240Sunrite FarmsEcuadorD3.39
    241SV Blumen ExpressGermanyB1.36
    242Tana FloraEthiopiaA1.01
    243Tessa RosesEcuadorA3.02A
    244Teucali FlowersColombiaB1.16
    245That Flower Feeling  foundationUSAD5.25
    246The Elite Flower / Flora ConceptColombiaB3.24
    247The Flower HubKenyaC3.18
    248The Tape FactoryHollandB2.32
    249The Valley SpringsUSAC3.14
    251Tierra VerdeEcuadorD1.23
    252Tinaw FlowersEthiopiaA1.01
    253Turflor S.A.ColombiaB4.26
    254Turkish CargoTurkeyC1.13
    255Turkish Flower GroupTurkeyA2.14
    256UFO Supplies B.V.HollandC5.18
    257Union FleursBelgiumB1.37
    258United CallaHollandC1.17
    259United SelectionsHollandB3.08
    260Valle Verde / AlkavatEcuadorA1.20
    261Van Egmond LisianthusHollandB4.32
    263Verdissimo SASpainB3.28
    264Viking Roses ApSDenmarkB2.24
    265Wafex Pty Ltd.AustraliaC3.03
    266Waya Roses FarmEcuadorA4.22
    268Zabo PlantHollandD2.03








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