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    For Immediate Release                                                         Contact:  J Schwanke

    Phone:  616-446-6086

    Email:  [email protected]


    Life in Bloom Viewers Arrange Flowers Weekly.”

     Grand Rapids, MI, June 13, 2023 – Viewers are responding to J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom by arranging flowers for themselves.

    “I’m so pleased that viewers are taking the show’s message to heart and actually experiencing the benefits of flowers for themselves,” said Schwanke. “Being in the presence of flowers has scientifically proven physical and emotional benefits – and there’s nothing like discovering it for yourself through personal experience – and that’s what viewers are doing!”

    What was the inspiration for the new feature on the show – titled “Flowers from YOU!”?

    “We kept getting picture of arrangements that viewers have made – which were unsolicited. I was so happy to see them. That kind of activation demonstrates the show is really resonating with the public. Viewers are not only watching the show, they are trying their hand at arranging flowers, many for the first time. I love seeing the results – beautiful flowers around the home,” explained Schwanke, host and creator of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom, seen on public television (PBS) stations nationwide.

    Schwanke shared some pictures on the show’s Facebook page. He also shared the pictures with the show’s distributor, American Public Television (APT).

    “My representative at APT suggested we include viewer arrangements in each episode of the next season – so that’s what we did. We show one to three arrangements by a viewer in each episode and conclude by inviting viewers to send in their flower creations,” says Schwanke.

    “I’m also thrilled to share these images with the show’s underwriters, their belief in flowers, and underwriting the show, is having a profound effect. I am so thankful that CalFlowersAlbertsons Companies, and closed-caption funder Holland America Flowers are such incredible supporters – we couldn’t do it without their commitment to flowers,” concluded Schwanke.

    “Now, as Season 5 episodes continue to premiere across the country, we have pictures coming in every day. I’m so pleased that viewers are taking the show’s message to heart and actually experiencing the benefits of flowers for themselves,” Schwanke continued. “I could go on about each and every picture, but I’ll let these viewer arrangements speak for themselves.”

    Viewers may send pictures of their flower arrangements to [email protected].

    J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom is presented and distributed in the U.S. by American Public Television. The show’s current underwriters are CalFlowers, Albertsons Companies, and closed caption funder Holland America Flowers. Check local public television and Create TV listings to find out when J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom airs in your area. The show is also available to stream for free via http://www.uBloom.com/LifeInBloom and the PBS Passport App.

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    About J Schwanke

    J is the host and creator of the TV show J Schwanke’s Life In Bloom, beginning its fourth season on public television.  A fourth-generation florist, he is a flower expert and professional speaker, regarded as the most trusted voice in the flower industry. He was actually born at a flower convention and grew up in his family’s greenhouses. His website, uBloom.com, offers flower fans everywhere the opportunity to learn and experience the fun of flowers and flower arranging, 24/7! J has given flower demonstrations in all 50 states, Canada and England. Highlights include the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Art in Bloom, Bouquets to Art, San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, and Flowers at Kensington Palace. The J Schwanke YouTube Channel has over 90,000 subscribers and more than 11.5 million views. J is the author of Fun with Flowers, a Living Now Book Award winner, and Bloom 365 – The Essential Guide to Arranging Flowers Every Day, awarded the Gold IPPY (Home and Garden category) by the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

    American Public Television
    American Public Television (APT) is the leading syndicator of high-quality, top-rated programming to the nation’s public television stations. Founded in 1961, APT distributes 250 new program titles per year and more than one-third of the top 100 highest-rated public television titles in the U.S. APT’s diverse catalog includes prominent documentaries, performance, dramas, how-to programs, classic movies, children’s series and news and current affairs programs. Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders, America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, AfroPoP, Rick Steves’ Europe, Pacific Heartbeat, Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television, Legacy List with Matt Paxton, Lidia’s Kitchen, Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen, Simply Ming, The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Live From the Artists Den, James Patterson’s Kid Stew and NHK Newsline are a sampling of APT’s programs, considered some of the most popular on public television. APT also licenses programs internationally through its APT Worldwide service and distributes Create®TV — featuring the best of public television’s lifestyle programming — and WORLD™, public television’s premier news, science and documentary channel. To find out more about APT’s programs and services, visit APTonline.org.

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