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    Press Release

    Miami, FL, May 11, 2022


    Optimizing for the Current Reality and Predicting the Future

    The Bloom Show by New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers is hosting a roundtable about cold chain logistics in the floral industry

    Miami, FL, May 11, 2022 – New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers have brought the floral industry The Bloom Show, a show that covers everything about floriculture. With many exciting discussions and shows in the past, the latest panel discussion, “Cold Chain Logistics Roundtable,” is set to be another great one.

    Previous shows like the Marketing Roundtable have been highly successful and well-received, garnering praise from many in the floral industry. Thus, The Bloom Show plans to continue providing valuable information and insights into the industry.

    Insight Into Cold Chain Logistics: What to Expect

    Logistics and perishable cold chains have always been complicated and challenging to handle. This isn’t just true for the floral industry – it spans all logistics sectors. The Bloom Show will delve into how cold chain logistics work and issues such as sourcing, unpredictable supply chains, compliance, driver shortages, and backhaul. The show will then focus on how collaboration and coming up with viable solutions can benefit the floral industry and many other industries.

    The show will be hosted by Sahid Nahim of New Bloom Solutions and Megan Conyers, the co-founder of Keyshift Strategies. Because of her expertise in the Florida logistics community, technology and innovation, design thinking and strategy development, she will bring a unique perspective to the discussion.

    In addition to the guest panel moderator, Megan Conyers, you will hear from industry insiders such as David Armellini, Christine Boldt, Simon Milne, and Sharon Garcia.

    David Armellini, Armellini Logistics

    As the President of Armellini Logistics, David Armellini has decades of experience in logistics and transportation. He has been with Armellini Logistics since 1984, and focuses on innovation and efficiency to better Armellini Logistics’ services.

    Armellini Logistics is one of the largest family-owned companies specializing in temperature-controlled shipments of perishable products, expedited truckload, and LTL scheduled service across the United States with 75 years of experience to be exact.

    Christine Boldt, AFIF: America’s Flower Connection

    Christine Boldt has been exposed to the floral industry for 30+ years and currently works as the Executive Vice President at AFIF: America’s Flower Connection. Her experience working for Miami importers makes her an expert in many aspects of importing, including purchasing, business management, sales, and farm relations. She was the president of the Miami Floral Importers Credit Association from 2000 to 2004. She has been serving as the Executive Vice President at AFIF since 2004.

    Since 1982, the Association of Floral Importers of Florida (AFIF) has dedicated itself to advocating, networking, and enhancing specific programs that benefit its members. AFIF is constantly advocating on behalf of its members on national public policy issues and international trade matters to ensure the free flow of imported floral products into the United States.

    Simon Milne, Solent Freight Services LTD

    As the President and CEO of Solent Freight Services LTD, Simon Milne has experience providing airline and express courier logistics services worldwide, including throughout the United States and Europe.

    Solent Freight Services LTD is the largest commercial air freight wholesaler in the United States. Specializing in perishable goods. For more than 24 years, Solent has partnered with leading brands to meet market demand, providing air cargo and freight services efficiently and affordable around the world.

    Sharon Garcia, Crowley Logistics

    Sharon Garcia is well-versed in the perishable and dry cargo industry and freight movement. As the Director of Logistics Operations Customs Brokerage at Crowley Logistics, she has expertise in logistics and supply chains, and managing global clients.

    Crowley Logistics is a U.S.-owned and -operated company serving customers in domestic, international, and government markets through logistics, supply chain, and energy services with more than $2.5 billion in annual revenues, over 160 vessels, and approximately 6,300 employees around the world. As a global ship owner-operator and services provider with over 130 years of innovation and a commitment to sustainability, the company serves customers in 365 nations and island territories. Complete End-to-End Supply Chain Services in the United States, the Caribbean Basin, Central America, and Beyond.


    Do you want to learn more about the current state and the future of the floral industry’s cold chain supply and the logistics involved? Don’t miss this exciting show. Tune in on Thursday, May 19th, 2022, at 12:00 PM EST to learn about logistics and cold chain supply. Tune in and have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts through this YouTube live link.

    About The Bloom Show

    The Bloom Show is a YouTube Live show that focuses on all aspects of the floral industry. The show aims to connect people and make the industry bloom through network, community, and offering others valuable information and industry insights. At The Bloom Show, we strive to make information about the floral industry available so everyone in floriculture can make the best decisions for their collective businesses. Through communication, networking, and sharing resources, we can help each other and the floral industry blossom. Subscribe here to see more live videos and learn more about the floral industry.

    For more information or questions, you can contact the host, Sahid Nahim, at (305) 975-2725 or email him here.

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