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    “Research has shown the presence of flowers has an immediate impact on people’s health and happiness,” says J Schwanke. “It’s been my life-long mission to show people how easy it is improve their daily lives, by including flowers.”

    Host J Schwanke is a fourth-generation florist, award-winning author, and speaker, whose passion for flowers is infectious. The impact flowers can have on health and well-being is a feature in each episode.

    “Viewer response across the U.S. continues to be overwhelmingly positive. People are cluing into to the beauty and relaxation flowers provide – they realize it by simply taking a break and watching the show.” In fact viewer response is so positive, J decided to share viewer arrangements in the new season. “Every week we receive pictures of arrangements that the show inspires viewers to create – and they are wonderful – so we decided to share them, with permission of course. This is the exact reason we make the show – to encourage viewers to experience flowers personally, and more often. In fact, several viewers share pictures of their flowers with me on a regular basis – a couple, who had never arranged flowers before, even share their flower projects on a weekly basis! They are sold on the positive impact flowers have in their lives,” exclaimed Schwanke.

    Their success reflects that J shares simple techniques with the audience, that ensure success. He also welcomes friends and guests for segments with crafts, cooking, cocktails, and flowers for entertaining. Dried and preserved flowers, tropical flowers, and innovation in flowers are all topics as well as easy-to-make recipes with flowers as ingredients, and flower cocktails, including non-alcoholic variations.

    J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom also includes visits with flower farmers as well as other types of local farms and farmers – connecting with flowers in unexpected ways. Schwanke notes that “Everything in the world is connected, so it’s important to consider things like sustainability; how the health of bee populations affects flowers, food, and people; how pastures, which include flowering greens, provide nutrition in foods raised there. And the importance of getting to know your local farmer and learning about their practices.”

    Season five also includes a special Christmas episode. “Flowers elevate any holiday and Christmas is no exception – as my friends in Nebraska know!” mentioned Schwanke. “I have given presentations at the holidays there for over 25 years and now we’ll bring a bit of that flower fun to the TV show, so everyone can enjoy the annual tradition.”

    “I’m so grateful to the show’s underwriters past and present, their belief in the power of flowers and their underwriting of the production is what makes this possible. Original funders such as CalFlowers, Albertsons Companies, and closed-caption funder Holland America are listed in the credits, so new viewers will know of their support,” concluded Schwanke.

    J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom is presented and distributed in the U.S. by American Public Television. The show’s current underwriters are CalFlowers, Albertsons Companies, and closed caption funder Holland America Flowers. Check local public television and Create TV listings to find out when J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom airs in your area. The show is also available to stream for free via and the PBS App.

    Click Here to read the press release.

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