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    The Flower Wizard’s Wand September 2021 Edition

    When will it change or is this the New Normal! Again we hate to sound like the same old song.

    We are all witnessing  incredible changes in the flower business this year and they just keep getting more incredible every day. We are used to our little world  of flowers. Our changes may seem crazy to the flower business but almost every type of business in the world is influenced and have been changed radically as well.

    People call me every day and ask when will it get better. Honestly this new world could continue for a few years to come. We can make a long list of the why’s and a much smaller list of some solutions. Now is the time to treat and  pay your suppliers better than ever so you are on the top of their favored customer list. Many wholesalers, flower shops and mass markets are changing how they buy and who they buy from.

    Labor issues, major logistic issues, shortages, increasing costs and inflation will not go away overnight. Demand is increasing and many facets needed to handle this are partially broken.

    How many times have we seen this recently?

    “Unfortunately, due to a freight cost increase we need to adjust all our product’s pricing accordingly.”

    In the last 9 months freight has not been the only cost that has increased. Cost of producing product has increased substantially.

    • Farm chemicals up 20%+
    • Fuel up 40%+
    • Pvc up 50%+
    • Staples up 20%+
    • Fertilizer up 20%+
    • Boxes up 30%+
    • Plastic liners and sleeves up 50-80%+
    • Shortages of construction materials
    • Not to mention labor shortages and wage increases


    Even on things that we take for granted like pallets are causing major issues.

    “We regret to inform you that pallet scarcity continues, and pallet expense has become our second highest cost after labor.

    We are working with all airlines/trucking/shipping companies to get them to honor the pallet exchange system, but due to the lack of pallets, many companies don’t have enough to exchange or give pallets of very poor quality.”

    We can not have people start believing that flowers are not important like the quote below

    “Flowers are a waste of money,” he said, also joking about whether it would be worse to not have them at weddings vs. funerals.

    Well James Corden, let me tell you why flowers are more than worth it. Hard-working florists  and flower distribution points numbering over 60,000 locations in the U.S. and flower farmers know how much joy they bring.”

    I do not want to sound like a politician rather than the Wizard, but I know we will get through these times and adapt, and evolution will prevail!


    **for more about the James Cordon story click the link below

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