Jet Fresh Flowers Launches Jet Miles Frequent-Flyer Program

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has launched an exciting reward program for flower buyers regularly purchasing from Jet Fresh in Miami. “Jet Miles” is a frequent-flyer program which offers miles for purchasing flowers year-round. These miles can be redeemed for rewards such as credits on their account and towards future flower purchases.

On January 15, 2019, the wholesale flower importer, distributor and grower of fresh-cut and preserved flowers launched the Jet Miles program to give extra incentive to customers who are already buying from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Jet Miles members are eligible to earn Jet Miles from phone sales, sales from the Cash and Carry flower market and online from their Komet Sales web-shop.

The Jet Miles program is completely free to sign up with no annual or membership fees. There are also no blackout dates, either; so you can earn Jet Miles during high-peak flower seasons to be redeemed throughout the calendar year.  However, customers must sign up and be approved first.

Following approval, customers can earn either one (1) Jet Mile for every $100 USD spent on regular flower sales, including the Cash and Carry; or two (2) Jet Miles for every $100 USD spent on flowers purchased online sales via the Jet Fresh Komet Sales platform.

The double miles are a great incentive for flower buyers with an established Jet Fresh account to get well-acquainted with the Komet Sales platform, and order online at their convenience 24/7. A Jet Fresh sales representative grants customers with access to Komet Sales, which also keeps track of the Jet Miles available from the Komet Sales dashboard.

Jet Fresh customers can apply for the Jet Miles program for free anytime by downloading the application online and submitting to [email protected]. Jet Miles are subject to approval. Not everyone will be eligible to participate. Please fully read the terms and conditions before submitting.



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