Long Hot Summer


The long hot summer has melted my eagerness to write about the flower business and even  forced me to post an image of myself. However, when readers start sending me messages to find out if I am OK since they have not seen any news blast lately, it is time for an update.

Here in Miami things are slow like most summers, although this one seems slower than others. The wedding season keeps the doors open and make the summer bearable. There is ample production in south America because healthy plants do not rest so the flowers keep coming.

I have reached out to the California growers up and down the coast regarding the many fires burning out of control in the state. So far there are no problems for growers as most the of the fires are north of the growing areas.

I hear that the Alaskan Peony crop was a good one. Good for the growers there.

On a personal note.I married off my last Daughter and as a wedding gift I organized the flowers. With help from my friends at Jet Fresh Flowers, I was able to watch our floral business in action. 

Even though I know the business very well I still had to wonder if these flowers coming all the way from South America were going to make it all the way across the very hot country and be beautiful days later as they adorned the tables. They did indeed survive and looked perfect a testament to our industry. Keep up the good work.

And finally during the long hot summer I managed to write this as I worked up a sweat. Thanks for reading.

Old vs. New

This paradox has been showing up in my life and has inspired me to attempt to make any sense of it all.

The most compelling example of this is my fascination with a push boom. Yes, those large T shaped brooms that you see men cleaning the streets with. As a young boy growing up in a family trucking business there were endless tasks that could be conquered with this simple device.

It is a basic tool that allows one to do the cleanup dance with the dirt or left-over flower cuttings in a quiet and efficient manner. Today we have so many other gadgets at our disposal that can accomplish these tasks much more effectively. Industrial vacuums, very noisy blowers and even self-driving cleaners that only need to be turned loose.

Taking this paradox into my daily life I take great pride in doing my own yard work without the use of many gadgets that arguably make the job easier but with the accompanying loud noise. Enter the push-boom. With the expert training that I received as a young boy, I can clean and tidy up my yard without offending my neighbors pool party.

I spotted another neighbor cutting his lawn with an un-motorized push mower, and when I commented that I did not think they even made those any longer, he said it’s the best and he does not have to worry about anyone stealing it. (It’s too much work). 

So here were have an old basic tool that has been replaced by so many other machines that can do the job. But is it better?

Like this man, I find pleasure the simple act of pushing a boom that is not connected to the internet nor requires batteries or passwords to operate.

To be fair, I did not always enjoy having to push that broom across the great expanses of a warehouses and truck bays, but learned to do it well and to this day I will challenge anyone to a broom-off competition.


Keep pushing







Williee Armellini




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