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2019 signals the end to another decade so we can now move on to the 20’s and it should be a very interesting ride. A little review to add some perspective to what happened this year.

We saw more and more consolidation in almost every area of the industry, farms, importers, wholesalers, logistic companies, everywhere except retail. in fact retail blew up with the implosion of FTD. The bouquet makers continue to gobble up companies to insure their production needs. Online sellers continue to take bites out the traditional markets.

Wholesalers are increasingly falling under just a few brand names and the large companies continue to look for buying opportunities. I believe that next year will see more of this consolidation.

Domestic issues in Quito disrupted the flower business for 10 uncomfortable days.
There are troubling signs all over South America but the flower business will always find it’s way. 

One item that cannot be ignored is the advent of Cannabis as it relates to the flower business.While many International and domestic growers shy away for any number of valid reasons, others are seeing this as just a better crop to grow and worth the calculated risk.

As your traveling eyes and ears, I have attended many fabulous floral events around the world in 2019 and next year looks even more ambitious for my passport.

Flowersandcents.com is happy to introduce several new sponsors and a new option

I am happy to introduce The “Online Flower Guide” as the best source of high quality floral images. This is a great free reference for identifying flowers, and varieties in a large, up to date searchable database. Including videos.

Flower databases are very difficult to set up and maintain requiring lots of input. There are hundreds of new varieties introduced each year and getting accurate images of them is just one more challenge to having a useful tool. With that said I found the best one to link to.  I have watched this third party database grow over the years and hope you find it useful. They offer videos as well. Just click on Flower Image Library from any page on Flowersandcents.com

Welcome new sponsors:

Bloomypro USA team is also very happy with the acceptance the product has received in the USA, especially with the young members of the flower industry, who see the benefit of having in the palm of their hands all they need to design a bouquet while seeing their customers face to face or online.

Detail Flowers:  Ormond Beach, FL – Founded and developed by Corrine Heck in 2015, a florist who created hundreds of events during her 20-year career in flowers, Details Flowers Software (www.detailsflowers.com) is a platform specifically designed by florists to help florists and designers book more events and earn more money. This all-in-one platform is helping the world’s best designers grow their bottom line through professional proposals and confident pricing. Not only can artists easily create stunning proposals to send to their clients, but they can use features like e-signature, recipe portfolios, stem-counting, automatic order generation, invoicing, as well as the ability to share client’s visions through the use of gorgeous visuals.

 Groflowers is an Expert Flower Grower, Importer, Distributor specializing in the Finest Quality Hydrangeas available worldwide. The Groflowers team  is dedicated to providing dependable, reliable service and excellent customer service. Groflowers specializes in delivering their exceptional hydrangeas to distributors that serve professional florist and event planners throughout the USA!

Flowersandcents.com will celebrate its 19th year anniversary and I thank you for your support and ask you to also support the advertisers that make this all possible.

Finally I am working on the next version of a project that began in 2014 highlighting the top 100 floral industry professionals. Stay tuned and thank you for reading.

William “Williee” Armellini
Editor: Flowersandcents.com


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