Mother’s Day floral update

By now you must be aware that, the market is hot and by that I mean demand is high and supply is limited. The challenge I face writing these reports is that my sources are mostly importers, growers and logistics companies. Therefore, the news that the market is hot at the import and grower level is not always good news for others in the distribution chain, that also read my updates.

“Hot market” could be interpreted as “high prices” and depending on where you are in the chain that might be good news or bad.

In any case the flowers being imported and grown domestically are fresh and flying out the door from what I am told. Big demand for Poms, Alstro, Roses, Sprays and Delphinum.

Logistics are working well and again at least 250 containers of flowers are sailing across the oceans as you read this.

This trend is not one the floral industry would have ever predicted. The focus has always been on faster and faster planes and logistic efficiencies. Get the boxes in and out as fast as possible has been the battle cry for longer lasting flowers in the consumers hands.

Contrast this with days, even weeks in transit at sea with positive results and the industry is learning to live without every flower being flown in.

Of course, domestic production does have the advantage in many cases, but the flowers still must get to their destination. Sometimes the logistics between producer and consumer are simple and other times rather complex but the path is well worn and works quite well.

Bill Prescott of Sun Valley says, “California has flowers to sell. The winter rains have tapered off and the sun is shining. Crops such as Royal LA Hybrid Lilies, Oriental lilies, Butterfly Ranunculus, Matricaria, Iris, Freesia are available for Mother’s Day shipping. Transportation out of California is looking good with good road conditions and plenty of trucks.”

Good luck to all.

Williee Armellini


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