Valentine’ s 2018 update

Ok things are in full swing however, there are some issues out there.


  1. Weather is the biggest issue. As predicted the crops were bit late due to weather and that this is now showing up in roses with smaller sizes and some quality issue. Many of these flowers will be sold on the local markets and never leave the country but some will be exported. Choose your suppliers wisely since some will have none of these issues. 

      2. Logistics: It appears that Bogota and Medellin are working fine logistically considering the volume but                  still very tight getting product out.

           However, Quito is another story. Basically the airport is overloaded with flowers waiting to fly and not                     enough lift to move them. While this is not pretty it happens during these peak days and it only takes one               or two planeloads to make a difference. Right now it appears that the flights are 24 hours behind schedule.

     3. Market. The red rose market is tight and colors still strong.  The weather in the US is cold but should not             be an issue with deliveries.

     4. West Coast Update.

“California has had record hot temperatures this past week which has helped push a lot of flowers into the right time for the holiday.  Flower quality is very good due to sunny, dry weather.  We have had some customers increase orders because Mexico had a freeze a few weeks back that affected some of their production.  As time grows shorter till the holiday, California will be the best option for last minute flowers due to proximity and availability”. Robert Kitayama, Kitayama Brothers.

Lane DeVries of Sun Valley Floral Farms says “the tulip harvest has been right on-time in Arcata, which has matched demand.  In Oxnard, the warm weather has brought in a wave of iris, and our Oriental and LA Hybrid lily harvest is right on schedule and we still have inventory to sell. Transportation out of California has been running great and we can add trucks on as demand peaks.  We are also staging product in Miami, so this is a great way to get high quality flowers added to your Miami trucks.”

    5. Florida Ferns:

“It seems like a very strong holiday… supplies of greens are the tightest they have been since the winter of 1983, 84 . That was 35 years ago after the freeze of the century that wiped out all the citrus in central Florida.”
David Register Ferntrust.

All in all it looks like it will be a good Holiday, Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading.

Williee Armellini



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