World Floral Expo video review 2019

The latest edition of the World Floral Expo has come to an end and we have pictures to share with you. traveled to the large city of Dallas, Texas and as the old saying goes, ,that everything is bigger in Texas holds true for me.

The convention hall and surrounding area allowed for everyone to stay across the street from the venue. However, there were 4 or 5 large hotels , across the street, separated by Texas sized blocks, making it hard to find everyone at the same bar.

HPP really knows how to put on a show and having show hours from 10 till 4 pm is evidence that they have learned over the years that, longer is not better.

They have not yet announced the location of the next edition of the WFE but as soon as we hear, we will be talking about it.

Until then, check out my video review of this fun show here or on youtube

Thanks for reading and watching.

Williee Armellini


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