A flowerman’s perspective.

It is easy to get caught up in the hysteria of the 24-hour news cycle, with “breaking news” flashes of closures of major events, but at this seemingly very dark time, I believe we are embarking on a great opportunity for  flowers to make a difference.

Public events of all sorts have been cancelled, (international) air travel has virtually come to a halt, restaurants are nearly deserted, but the one place that people are resorting to, is the safe surrounding of the home. The prospect of people spending more time at home in the coming weeks is precisely where flowers can help play an important role.

Flowers are the unifying symbol of joy, beauty, cheerfulness and healing. Flowers have a positive effect on overall health, they are a mood booster, and a stress reducer. Flowers have the capability to fulfill a deep yearning for peace and joy in the hearts and souls of the consumer particularly at this time.

Rather than retreating, I ask everyone to turn this crisis into a defining moment of permanently changing the way flowers are perceived.

A Rutgers University study conducted several years ago, indicated that flowers bring happiness. Emphasizing the intrinsic value of flowers in the home as an everyday gift, or for self-use, will help provide joy, brightness, hope and even healing.

Flowers will help counteract the negative messages and darkness that is prevalent at this very moment. Flowers will assuage troubled minds and bring peace to hearts and souls in these times of anxiety and fear.

In conclusion, buy flowers at your local florist, your favorite grocery store or order them online. Let’s take this historic moment in time as a defining opportunity to prove that flowers can and will change lives.

Thank you,

Lane DeVries

Sun Valley Floral Farm


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