Growers, Wholesalers Weigh in on Valentine’s Day Supply Chain

A Thursday holiday and a strong economy bode well for a successful Valentine’s Day this year — but some long-standing and new challenges, including the partial government shutdown, are worth paying attention to, as florists nationwide gear up for the holiday.

That’s according to Society of American Florists volunteer leaders and industry members that EBrief editors reached out to this week, to help get a lay of the land (and the sea and the ports of entry) in advance of Valentine’s Day.

One challenge that is new this year: the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government.

Thirteen inspectors scheduled to arrive in Miami this week to assist with flower inspections for Valentine’s Day have been delayed by that shutdown. The team was intended to supplement 75 Customs and Border Patrol agents on-site year-round in Miami — the latter group will continue to work through the shutdown, said Christine Boldt, executive vice president of the Association of Floral Importers of Florida.

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