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Greeting to all,
Recently I learned that The “Online Flower Search”  database has released its Fabulous 50 rose collection which features the top selling roses.
The Online flower search data base is featured here on flowersandcents.com as the best flower picture database anywhere on the internet. Having attempted this feat in the past myself, I learned very quickly that this is a full time job and happily decided to use this professional database instead.
With the corona virus making everyone think about projects that needed ample time to create the good folks at Online Flower Search.com dug into their search records and consulted with many wholesalers and retailers to single out the top 50 rose varieties. 
They used all of the tools at their disposal and a long list of criteria to identify these beauties.
This is a tool that retailers and wedding planners should be using when talking to brides. 
Here is why:
They chose the varieties based on:
Production: How much of this variety is in the ground and producing. At least 7 growers are producing each variety.
Vase life:  Minimum of 7 days.
Color: They chose a full range of colors appropriate to each season.
Neutral: No influence by breeders or growers.
Up and coming varieties: They chose the latest varieties and some very popular ones.
Therefore, using this list should give all parties the confidence that the roses chosen will be available and a good choice.
As an industry, if we can try and push this list to the wedding industry (such as TheKnot etc) so brides will look at THIS list as their “final guidance” when it comes to picking the variety they want to use, as supposed to a list created by somebody like Martha Stewart, then we, as an industry, have a much higher chance that we end up with orders that we can fill?
I introduce to you the “Fabulous 50”

To see all 50 varieties click here:


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