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Fedex fails at Express for Valentines Day

Fedex fails at Express for Valentines Day

I have been receiving calls and emails regarding FedEx’s floral failures over this holiday. It appears that they were simply over whelmed by the sheer volume combined with bad weather at their hub in Memphis. As of this writing (Thursday 2-17 ) they are still delivering flowers that should have been there Sunday.

FedEx has become a big player in the logistic market and this year they were more critical than ever due to the late arriving crops. That sent extra flowers their way as last minute orders needed to be filled.

The whole flower industry experienced a huge demand and volumes were reported up at the major carriers.

FedEx has issued the following warning for the last week

“FedEx Express experienced substantial disruptions at the Memphis hub last night due to winter weather conditions. Potential delays are possible for package deliveries across the U.S. with a delivery commitment of February 15, 2021. FedEx is committed to provide service to the best of our ability. Please continue to check for updates. Continue to check the status of your shipments on or go to for updates to FedEx Service Alerts

Operational impacts to other FedEx operating companies may vary due to local weather conditions.

Our suspension of Money-Back-Guarantee is ongoing at this time due to the increase in U.S. e-commerce and other effects of the pandemic throughout the world.”

What has your experience been?

Williee Armellini



  • In a word – horrible!
    There is little to no customer service or acceptance of failure on FedEx’s part. After years of frustration I do everything possible to avoid using them for perishable product.

    I hope that all of this negative press will nudge FedEx into changing.

    Best regards,
    TJ Montague, Owner

  • Dear Williee Armellini,
    I want to give you my two cents of my experience with Fed EX this past Valentine’s day 2021, so you can keep it in your file or in your thoughts and If I see in the future at a show a booth from Fed EX, I will for sure tell all the people from Fed EX that the service they provide is at a meager 1-2 on a scale of 1 through 10!

    It use to be in the past that you could click on there tracking webside after you put your tracking number in, the journey it has traveled, if it had reached the destination or if it is in the air and they would give you some feeling that you could have a trust in them as your preferred carrier. They took that off, so you then have to fight with there 1800 number trying to get past there automatic robot who screens your call to get to a live agent, who is mostly some were in the pacific, and does speak english but with a accent or very poor english what is difficult to understand, as your paying for a premium service and it feels like your getting shafted, in the past you would speak to a US person anywere in the states, who made you feel like a human being and you had a good feeling getting of the phone.

    I had two shipments with King Protea shipped from Hawaii from Maui Floral, one on Monday 02-08-2021 to arrive in Chicago on Wednesday, what turned out wonderful and good, then I get a message from Maui Floral that on Monday and Tuesday it rained in Hawaii and they would ship on Wednesday the second shipment to Crystal Lake,IL. We received the invoice and tracking number from Maui Floral on Wednesday and communicated this to the customer, we had heard about the chain crash in Ft.Worth,TX on the news and on Thursday heard that Fed EX Memphis shut down do to weather reasons. Friday the shipment should off arrived by 10.30AM, customer texted at 11.30AM can you check please, I was on my way to Milwaukee and sitting in traffic on 94 in South Milwaukee, driving slow and calling Fed EX, I get to talk to a gentlemen of Fed EX by the name of John, who sounded to me being a Philipino, who searched the tracking number and came back to tell me that the box was still sitting in Hawaii, because it had a black shipping label, with just the street name of Terra cotta ave and the Zip code of 60014 on it, so I was pissed off and immediately called Hawaii, Maui floral said, that excuse again, this is the communication Fed Ex like’s to use among many other excuses for making sure their asses are covered.
    So a couple hours later I called back after I notified to the customer that his box was still sitting in Hawaii, he pretty much said well there goes the wonderful Valentines day 2021. I called back to fed ex and spoke to a lady by the name of Joanne, who sounded from Hispanic desent because of her accent, she told me the box was in Memphis, stuck because of the weather, and would not deliver till either Monday or Tuesday because the service Mauii Floral had paid for was delivery during the week Mon-Fri., so even though you promise to deliver with in 48 hours and your going to charge the customer an arm and a leg in charges, just because of weather, you going to tell him, go “DUCK YOUR SELVE” because I don’t care about you and I am the only one here with a monopoly in this business, so to bad.
    Then that Fridayevening I had some boxes coming in from Holland for this customer in Crystal Lake who had ordered a box of Dutch Exclusive master tulips, and when arriving at Floral Express at 21.30PM, that box was shorted by the airline, so that was missing too.
    Notified the customer, he was fuming!
    Saterday morning came around and I started thinking about some of the losses and I determent I has not been a great holiday, with Weather being the worst.
    Saterday afternoon I went shopping for groceries at Woodmans in Kenosha, WI to get my brains away from thinking about Valentijns day, as I get a text at about 16.13PM from the customer with a picture of King Protea, I called him and he said they arrived about 35 minutes ago with Fed EX.
    I was shocked and asked how the quality was and he was happy as it could be and sold them that day

    I have this to say to the executive’s from Fed EX in Memphis or were ever, why dont you get your asses out of your fancy office and go back to the basics were you guys started and stand by your word what you promise and communicate with your clients on the service you provide, cause I hope that you were able to get flowers for your wife’s and loved ones with no problems like what you caused head ache’s to many customers!

    With kind regards

    Willy J.P.Timmer
    Timmer Bloemen LLC

  • 20-30 boxes missed my regular truck or were lost. Used Fedex to fill the holes. FedEx got iced in. Had to truck the flowers from Memphis to Lafayette, La. some came in 2 days later. Some 3 days later. Some product frozen. All around, logistics was a nightmare.

    Thursday of Valentines week, retail side, we did not accept one new order. I was worried that the product ordered would not get here. So to be safe, I shut it down until I was touching the flowers in hand. We opened up ordering again on Friday morning. Cost me a lot of sales. But I could not in good conscious take an order if I wasn’t sure if we would have the flowers.

    Holiday down 8%. Some of that was controlled my me. But the Thursday was the deciding factor that cost the decrease. It was the right call as we didn’t over sell and make customers mad.
    Oh. Forgot to mention, I ended up piggybacking on Louisiana Wholesale Armellini truck to get product to me that missed my truck too. Late flights and/or product not clearing in time. Or it would have been a lot worse. We had to utilize every possible option to pull this holiday off.

    Thomas P. Spedale,
    Spedale’s Florist and Wholesale
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  • I had a customer from out of town walk in yesterday (2/18) and buy $3,000 because all of his Miami flowers were stuck at the hub in Memphis. Thanks Fedex.

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