Floral transport and elogs. Why you should care.

What is an elog and why should you care? I have written before about this requirement that has affected all truckers starting on December 17th 2017. Simply put the elog is just the electronic version of a written log that drivers keep current to track their time behind they wheel. 

The perishable trucking industry, for the most part, relies on small carriers or those with only one truck to transport goods from point to point. Because these goods are perishable they are on strict and very rapid  delivery schedules. Historically some of these carriers would side step the log regulations and use only one driver to make the trip which legally could not be made within the same time period.

This log manipulation is as old as the law that required it in the first place. Clearly it makes good sense to have drivers take their required breaks but two drivers cost more than one so the tendency to cheat is attractive.

Of course this practice was widely known by those trying to enforce it and the solution was an electronic version that cannot be circumvented.

Now we are getting to why you might be affected by this new process. All of the major carriers have been using two drivers for decades and have adopted this elog technology well before its required date. However, there are some carriers that are now having to significantly raise their rates to compensate for adding a second driver. That will show up in your cost somewhere.   

For now carriers found not to be in compliance will be fined until after April 1 2018 when they could be shut down. (just before Mothers Day)

For more information contact your carrier.


Williee Armellini
Editor: Flowersandcents.com



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