“Show Time”, Flowersandcents.com is off to IFTF and Royal Flora Holland shows in Amsterdam

Many things are going on in Floral next week. Wffsa (Wholesale Florist & Florist Suppliers of America), is coming back to Miami just in time to watch me leave for the other big shows in Amsterdam

The IFTF (International Floriculture Trade Fair) organized by HPP Exhibitions and Royal Flora Holland’s, “Trade Fair Aalsmeer”. Both Fairs are very important to the World Markets.

Regrettably, these shows happen to overlap this year and that means many had to make a decision about where to go. I am sure the Wffsa Distribution Conference will be great.

Other news

Things have returned to normal in Quito and while I am sure there is still a lot of work to be done, peace has returned.

At the farm level Valentine’s and Women’s days are what the growers are focusing on as they remain some of the best holidays for floral.

More sea containers will be used for floral transport than ever before and this trend appears to have made many importers take notice

There are many rumors floating around about more wholesale consolidation in the US. I am not able to confirm any at this point but I suspect in the next 10 days I will have the facts to share.

Stay tuned and thanks for following flowersandcents.com


Williee Armellini
Editor: Flowersandcents.com


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