My Interview with Chris Drummond of Penny’s by Plaza Flowers

Flowersandcents reached out to Chris Drummond President of Penny’s by Plaza Flowers in the Philadelphia area.

Chris talks about his companies Valentine’s Day experience please watch the video on my youtube channel. (Below)

In other news:

For the first time in 30+ years I will miss a Wffsa convention but due to some scheduling issues and the need for a vacation I will be absent.

However, Sahid Nahim of New Bloom Solutions will carry the torch for me. Sahid is a young man with Social Media skills so please follow him.

Some of you are aware that I have been writing a book based on my personal floral experience. After some draft reviews a question appeared that I need your help with.

What is the perfect flower? Not necessarily your favorite flower (but it could be)

Here are my thoughts:

The answer is slightly different depending on where you are in the distribution chain.

Growers and Breeders are most interested in a plant that is productive, has long lasting well shaped blooms and it’s color.

Importers and wholesalers want flowers that handle storage, transport and sell well.

Retailers are interested in flower that perform well and last long enough to satisfy a 5-day guarantee.

Or perhaps as Chris says in the interview, the perfect flowers is; SOLD!

Please share your thoughts with me. williee@localhost.

Thank you for your time.

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