SAF Phoenix 2023 review

SAF Phoenix 2023

After attending the latest edition (#138) of the SAF convention it occurred to me that SAF connects all the dots. They offer a welcoming event that features everything one might expect from a world-class gathering.

Nearly 500 floral professionals from around the globe, an effective tabletop exhibitor display, design competitions, educational programs covering everything from AI (Artificial Intelligence) to sustainability and everything in between.

Outstanding floral decorations by the fabulous Ian Prosser, made the hotel a magical place. But as always, the stars of these events are the people who come to learn, meet new people, and refresh old contacts.

The floral industry is not just about flowers and foliage as it is much deeper than that. When you have been around as long as I have, attending specifically SAF shows, there is a deep sense of family that you cannot capture unless you are present.

When you see friends and acquaintances getting awards for their service, their talents or even for the products that they have brought to life, it is a special time in the floral experience.

Many friends of Flowersandcents were honored.

Terril Nell for his scientific research and work with the American Floral Endowment.

Mike Black of Jet Fresh Flowers was acknowledged with the Paul Ecke award for doing things just a little better and differently than others.

Deliflor for creating the, oh so white, Alma chrysanthemum.

Sun Valley Floral for its winter spirit Ilex and Amistad Lilly

Flores Ayura SAS for its Novia carnation.

Rosaprima for Moab

The general buzz around the bar, pool and gathering was that everyone is happy summer is over, as we were all reminded that this is a business of cycles. As everyone gets back to post Covid reality the outlook is good while cautious.

It was my pleasure to attend this event and there is no way I can give you all of the highlights of this fabulous show but there were over 100 first time attendees and if you were one of them you understand.

If you were not and want to know what really happens at these events. Book yourself into the next show in Miami August 6-9, 2024. Hope to see you there. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen. Miami is HOT!

Now it is time for a trip to Bogota for the Biggest floral show in South America, Proflora, don’t miss it.

I hope you will take a few minutes to review what my camera and I saw in Phoenix on my youtube channel.

Williee Armellini



If you want more details about the awards and winners here are some links



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